Shopware Webinar Series

Web Solutions NYC were fortunate to host a 4 part webinar together with Shopware & Nexcess.

We were able to give Shopware a more formal introduction to the US market as well as diving into some deep functionality. Check out the series below.

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Into to Shopware

Why build your business with Shopware?

02 /

Merchant Deep Dive

The tools to help you increase AOV conversion rates.

03 /

In-Depth B2B

Handle complex B2B pricing, approval workflows, and merchandising

04 /

Migration and Data

Comprehensive review of Product Data, Consumer Data, Order Data and Hosting

Intro to Shopware

  • Merchant Success and Shopware Hosting with Nexcess

    Hosting Success With Nexcess We’ve been partners with Nexcess now for over a decade, and we host all of our sites that we can with them. Their support is really phenomenal, but the real thing that sets them apart, together with Web Solutions, is that we represent a unified front when it goes to the…

  • Magento vs Shopware

    Head-to-head platform review Web Solution NYC has, for over a decade, built and maintained Magento sites – both M1 and M2. As the first US-based Shopware Premier Partner, we’ve dug in to see which platform is best for our clients. The answer – like many things in life – is not straightforward. That said, we…

  • What is Shopware By Ben Marks

    What is Shopware People ask me, What is Shopware? Well, Shopware is an open commerce platform, and it’s effectively a turnkey solution that provides kind of the ease of a SaaS platform, but with enterprise extensibility and functionality right out of the box. So you can be a merchant of any size and rely that…

  • Shopware: Merchants Have Freedom To Grow

    Tools To Grow So one of the things that I think is really important to all of us at Shopware is that merchants are free, they have the freedom to grow because we expect – if we do our job well and the merchants do their job well and our partners do really well in…

  • Shopware: Flexibility Built Into The Platform via Technology

    API First, Customer First Underneath…one of the ways that we try to enable these stories is by being API first, because that allows merchants and their agencies to build the kinds of experiences that the customers need, whether that’s PWA (progressive web apps) just some form of headless front end, whatever strategy they want to…

  • Shopware: Merchandising Made Easy

    Drag & Drop Editing A lot of features that are rich and kind of heads up like, for example, Shopware has for years now, even in previous versions, had a tremendously powerful drag and drop editing experience, and this is all the way down, even into the open-source, the freely available open-source version where, you…

  • Shopware and ERP Integrations

    ERP Integrations The integrations are really important. What we’ve seen with our merchants, even if they’re using the same ERP system, they’re set up differently. They’ve got different customizations that they’ve made on their ERP. So from the big ones of the lesser-known ones, no two are the same, and being able to really modify…

Merchant Deep Dive

  • Shopware: Edit Category and Landing Pages

    Basic Category Editing We have standard categories with a simple product listing that you might recognize from any platform. Shopware also allows to create beautiful landing pages. For example, for Summer Barbecue, where we have rich media, where we have some sub-pages. Where we can link to subcategories, and even products directly, for example, like…

  • Shopware: Product Admin Overview

    Basic Administration Product placement in Shopware is powerful, yet easy to do. Let’s take a look at one of the products. Go to ‘Summer Barbecue’ and to the Smoking Board Cedar Wood product. Let’s open that up in it’s own product page, see here. A basic product with some content, some properties, a price in…

  • Shopware: Rule Builder, Content Scheduling, & Promotions

    Rule Builder One of the most powerful features in Shopware 6 is the Rule Builder. The rule builder powers a host of different functionalities. Anywhere from dynamic product groups to content to promotions. Let’s go ahead and create a couple of rules to promote our barbecue products on Wednesdays. First off, we want to create…

  • Shopware: Managing Customers & Orders

    Address Management We also find some more basic functionality in Shopware 6. For example, managing orders through a powerful interface. Here we see an order it’s linked to a customer. There is an address, a different shipping address can be set by the customer and we see the line items in the order. After that,…

  • Shopware: Managing Media – Images, Videos & Documents

    Managing Media in Shopware Next to shopping experiences, we also find media. The media option in Shopware gives you a basic, yet powerful DAM system to manage all your media. This is from categories. Up to products, manufacturers and then the other images that you might have added. You can rename,  add tags to make…

  • Shopware: Shopping Experiences & Merchandising

    Shopware is all about creating beautiful shopping experiences from the homepage to the category page to the product page.  Everything is editable and these do even by non-technical people.  On the homepage, we can decide to swap out any image we like with just a few clicks. Go to shopping experiences. Find our homepage.  Shopware is…

In-Depth B2B

  • Shopware: In-Depth B2B

    Introduction I am Melanie key account manager at Shopware with a background with 10 years experience working for a B2B industrial company. Let us handle the question today. How does Shopware 6 support and inspire online business for the B2B shop owner and also for the customer who purchases in the Shopware B2B shops? So…

Migration, Data & Performance

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