Shopware: Merchants Have Freedom To Grow

Tools To Grow

Intro To ShopwareSo one of the things that I think is really important to all of us at Shopware is that merchants are free, they have the freedom to grow because we expect – if we do our job well and the merchants do their job well and our partners do really well in our ecosystem that our merchants are going to be really successful.

So they’re going to have… they’re going to face the challenges of success in addition to the challenges of the evolving – the ever evolving marketplace.

Tools To Be Unique

And our approach to that is to recognize that every merchant is a unique story, right.

And so when you go from one merchant to another, they really should feel like to two different experiences.

I mean, one of the challenges that I’ve always had when I think about a SaaS solution is like, if you are merchant A and merchant B are selling the same things and they’re on a SaaS platform, like how meaningfully different can those two experiences be?

And so I think that having an open commerce platform like Shopware gives you the ability to differentiate.

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