Shopware: Managing Customers & Orders

Address Management

Shopware Merchant Deep DiveWe also find some more basic functionality in Shopware 6. For example, managing orders through a powerful interface. Here we see an order it’s linked to a customer.

There is an address, a different shipping address can be set by the customer and we see the line items in the order. After that, we have payment status. And as the order gets authorized and paid or even credited, it moves through different stages of the payment. These can also be set by customer service.

We can add extra documents to the order and find the invoice here. It’s easy to search for specific customers in order to find the history of what they ordered before.

Customer Management

I said, let’s take a look at customers themselves. Here we see, again, the same powerful search option. Find a customer, and if you wait, we have the general information. We can see to what sales channels, for example, the customers added what kind of payment method this has by default and if there addresses.

We can also add, edit or delete. When we compute the order history from the customer if they have any.