What is Shopware By Ben Marks

What is Shopware

People ask me, What is Shopware?

Well, Shopware is an open commerce platform, and it’s effectively a turnkey solution that provides kind of the ease of a SaaS platform, but with enterprise extensibility and functionality right out of the box.

So you can be a merchant of any size and rely that Shopware is going to allow you to deliver you know, what it is that your customers need, and that includes custom functionality, customizing whatever the platform delivers out of the box or integrations with some of our major partners, you know, TaxJar, PayPal, et cetera.

Freedom To Grow

And the most important thing about Shopware is that it really, it delivers your freedom to grow, right.  Because if you’re in this business and you’re doing it right, you know, even if everything that you’re doing stays the same, that market continues to change around your customer, expectations change and your platform has to be able to adapt and at Shopware we’re really fond of saying that the best way to be future proof is to be the once that are inventing the future.

So that’s why we see a lot of ingenuity around the Shopware platform because people pick it so that they can, in fact build these new exciting experiences.

Flexibility Without Complexity

But you know, as you said in your intro; it’s one of the really, really nice things about Shopware is that the flexibility doesn’t come at the expense with the expense of complexity.

And this is some of the challenges that we see, especially with some of the other open source e-commerce platforms out there that flexibility is delivered through just a huge architecture, right.

And you know, that isn’t always a bad thing, but we rely on simplicity and the simple things that underpin the work that we do.

For the developers or technically minded out there, It’s probably good to to realize that you know, you can you can always  find documentation about everything that we’re doing, both at the application level and finding the actual details about what’s going on underneath when that’s important.

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