Merchant Success and Shopware Hosting with Nexcess

Hosting Success With Nexcess

Intro To Shopware

We’ve been partners with Nexcess now for over a decade, and we host all of our sites that we can with them.

Their support is really phenomenal, but the real thing that sets them apart, together with Web Solutions, is that we represent a unified front when it goes to the merchants.

Yes, developers make mistakes. I’m saying this on camera. Developers sometimes make mistakes.

Hosting companies sometimes make mistakes, and hey, merchants also make mistakes.

The difference is we don’t point fingers. We never point a finger at Nexcess. They don’t point the finger at us. We don’t blame the merchant.

We all have the same common goal increased revenue on the website. Get the website up and running have the highest level of uptime as we can.

And so about pointing the fingers, it’s about delivering to the merchants. And that’s why we’ve been working with Nexcess for so long and why we continue to work with them.

That’s why we’re super excited to have Nexcess as a hosting partner for Shopware the Web Solutions is going to be using.

We like the support model Nexcess has, and we’re confident they’re going to keep delivering to the merchants.