Shopware: Merchandising Made Easy

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Shopware: Merchandising Made Easy

Drag & Drop Editing

Intro To Shopware

A lot of features that are rich and kind of heads up like, for example, Shopware has for years now, even in previous versions, had a tremendously powerful drag and drop editing experience, and this is all the way down, even into the open-source, the freely available open-source version where, you know, where merchants can be merchants and specifically, merchandisers working in the merchandising operation.

You know, they really want to drive these dynamic, content-rich product display pages.

And that’s one of the things that we pride ourselves on providing, you know, but then also being able to provide that innovative framework to build the things that we can’t even think of or build the things that are going to maybe define, how merchandising is done in a specific vertical going forward. You know, then, of course, we also rely on partnerships, throughout the e-commerce ecosystem.