Shopware: Product Admin Overview

Basic Administration

Shopware Merchant Deep DiveProduct placement in Shopware is powerful, yet easy to do.

Let’s take a look at one of the products. Go to ‘Summer Barbecue’ and to the Smoking Board Cedar Wood product.

Let’s open that up in it’s own product page, see here. A basic product with some content, some properties, a price in dollars and an ability to add to the shopping cart along with some images. Let’s go into the admin area and find this product to edit.

In the product grid, we can search for a product. We’ll bring it up. Where we should see the same information. We have the title. We have a product number or SKU. And the manufacture along with the description. Prices can be added. Along with currency-dependent prices, if you want to set a specific price for the currency. And Advanced Pricing. This is based on all rules.

Next, we have deliverability. This includes the stock, the available stock and clearance tools that we might want to run. We also have information like the delivery time or the time it takes to restock once it is out of stock.

Sales Channels

Then next up, we have sales channels. In Shopware we have the ability to add a product to one or more sales channels. We’ll go a bit deeper into sales channels later on. Basically, it comes down to either being able to edit to the storefront we just showed. Or also we can push the data to Facebook, Instagram or any of the other channels that we might have.

Categories & Tags

Next, we’ll add the product to a category and we can add tags. Tags are used mainly in rules to categorize products in different verticals.

Media: Images, Doc, & Videos

Next, we have media, here we can choose the type of cover image we might want to use. This has been shown as a first image. And it’s possible to add extra media. These are the basics of a product, but there are some more powerful options behind this.


For example, if I have different variations of a product, it’s easy to generate it. In this case, we’re going to have different sizes of Smoking Board Cedar Wood. Say we have these four dimensions available on stock; we choose generate variants with a few clicks. We have a product with several varieties. Let’s save that and take a look. As you can see, it’s quick and easy to generate. extra options for a product. This can be done through any property that this product might contain.

Alongside that, we also have options like cross-selling or SEO specifics, such as meta title or the meta description.

Custom Options

Let’s say we want to add some extra options to our Smoking Board Cedar Wood. We can go into catalog and custom products. Here we can create a template. …Engraved Wood… Activate it. Give a different and name:  “Engrave your cedar wood.” If we want, we can add a description and an image file, or we can even create a wizard that takes our customers through a set of steps to customize their product. Let’s go ahead and save that. This will give us option to add more options. “Enter the name to engrave.” We have different types of custom options, in this case will just go for a very simple text field, where we can add the name we want to engrave. We can set several options here, such as a placeholder, the length of the engraving, and even pricing. This case we will allow 50 characters. “This text will be engraved”. We can add an extra SKU or product number. We can add tax rates as needed, but for now, we’ll keep it for free.

Well, let’s go ahead save this.

Now we go back to the product and we’ll add customization to this product. Specifications of products are some of the properties, such as the size. We can add multiple properties. The essential characteristics are shown in the cart, and we can have different templates for this. And here we can add our engraved wood custom product template.

This makes it easy to have different products with the same kind of customization and manage that in one central place. And, we’ll go ahead and save that. And, refresh the product page. I’ll make this one for myself. Select the size. And, added to the shopping cart. I can even share my customization to send this to friends.