Shopware and ERP Integrations

ERP Integrations

Intro To ShopwareThe integrations are really important. What we’ve seen with our merchants, even if they’re using the same ERP system, they’re set up differently. They’ve got different customizations that they’ve made on their ERP.

So from the big ones of the lesser-known ones, no two are the same, and being able to really modify the source code as needed allows us to not always change the entire business operation, but adapt the e-commerce platform to meet the needs of their unique business processes, which in some cases, you know.

ERP Client Example

We’ve had a client it’s a hundred and twenty-year-old business-like, yeah, we’re going to have them make some modifications, but they’ve been around for over a century.

They’ve got their set way of doing things and being able to modify a source code to match what they’re looking to do – it is just imperative.

And you mentioned some great technology partners, but you know, the list goes on. And if somebody is using a different technology partner, no problem.

You can create that module and have you on the app store have it verified for the Shopware developers, which is really going to be, you know, necessary for future growth.