Shopware: Edit Category and Landing Pages

Basic Category Editing

Shopware Merchant Deep DiveWe have standard categories with a simple product listing that you might recognize from any platform.

Shopware also allows to create beautiful landing pages.

For example, for Summer Barbecue, where we have rich media, where we have some sub-pages.

Where we can link to subcategories, and even products directly, for example, like here.

In the backend, we can take a look what it looks like.

Click ‘Categories’ And then navigate through the tree. to ‘Summer Barbecue’.

From the category itself, we see can upload different media and edit to different sales channels.

We can add various products to this, and we can go in and actually change the layout.

Here you can choose different landing page designs. Or, we can directly go into the editor.

As you see, the page looks exactly the same as on the front end.

We can change our blocks. For example, uploading different images. Change copy directly.