Black Friday and Cyber Monday Predictions 2017

2017 Black Friday Predictions

Magento merchants know the importance of making big holiday sales and achieving revenue goals: those same customers will be the loyal and repeat customers to boost the rest of the years’ sales as well. But how do you promote and get the attention of marketing-overwhelmed consumers without giving away the store, and hurting the bottom line? Knowing your platform! Here is an in-depth guide to Magento 2 features for marketing and promotions that may be news to you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a fast-moving, but extremely important field to consider when managing the operations of your online retail site. Yes, there are brands that are able to pump thousands of dollars into pay-per-click ads to try to circumvent native SEO, but for growing brands – implementing SEO directly into your site in an intelligent manner can help your brands get more eager buyers to your site. The store catalog is a customizable hierarchy that allows your site to support multiple navigation levels, sort by attributes and tags, and insert custom SEO. More native Magento SEO features:

Modules and Extensions for Magento 2

Taking notes from the most-used and most popular Magento 1 modules, our team has created a suite of Magento 2 Modules for Marketing and Promotions to enhance the native Magento Marketing Features in areas like shipping, promotions, coupons and site search.

Merchandising and Site Operations

The organization of your site heavily dictates where customers will look to shop, and if they will exit your store because they cannot find what they need easily. A well-organized store is the cornerstone of excellence in the customer journey. Magento has features for:

  • Hidden categories and layered navigation for internal use or for direct link use.
  • Custom design properties for categories to differentiate promotions, seasonal pages, or other styling needs.
  • Drag-and-drop modification of pages for easy visual merchandise control.
  • Products can be sorted automatically by stock level, age, color, name, SKU, and price, or by custom rules.
  • Products can be filtered by customizable parameters.
  • Catalog browsing options to show recently viewed products, custom search term autocomplete and redirects, and product comparisons.
  • Supports native cross-sell, up-sell and related products functions.
  • Supports breadcrumbs.

Want a complimentary demo of the marketing features in Magento 2? Or need a hand with your current Magento marketing? Let’s chat!