Trend: 20% of eCommerce will Occur Outside US by 2022

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Trend: 20% of eCommerce will Occur Outside US by 2022

Around holiday time, customers are being flooded with sales emails, display ads, social media marketing and TV advertising. With so much competition for a “limited” pool of holiday shoppers … How do you get buyers to your site?

Enhancements, optimizations and upgrades are the draw for many retailers to run their eCommerce operations on Magento through their rapidly expanding store of Magento 2 modules. Web Solutions NYC has created Magento-verified modules to drive sales during the holiday season, here’s some of our favorites.

Coupon Link URL

In my opinion, promo codes are fine to market to consumers any other time of the year, but during holiday customers have little patience for remembering code after code, and reading the caveats.

The capabilities of the Coupon Link Module: The module creates a URL that will automatically add a coupon code for your customer to the shopping cart, eliminating the need to type in any codes upon checkout. During fast-paced holiday buying, the less barriers to checkout, the better.

Each URL can be selected for one-time use, or can be multi-use for Share with a Friend Promotions. Categories can be barred from the discount and monetary thresholds can be added to personalize the promotion.

Layered Navigation

When I don’t know what to get someone on my holiday shopping list, I want to be shown suggestions about what other people are buying for their loved ones. Gifts for husbands, gifts for grandparents and more can all be given special attributes and tags, and even those categories can be drilled down deeper; especially helpful for brands with large product catalogs.

Layered navigation lets you add in special categories, such as Black Friday Deals or Cyber Monday/Cyber Week deals. The layered navigation module expands upon Magento’s native theme search, and is easily customizable. As well as organize categories like children’s toys by age or type and any other search parameter that is especially helpful for customers browsing for a gift without one in mind.The ability to easily customize search based on unique categories and seasonality can help keep customers interested in your site, increasing average order volume.

Layered Navigation Features:

  • Multiple selection of attribute filters
  • Multiple selection of swatch filters
  • Price attributes display as slider
  • Decimal attributes display as slider
  • Customizable search parameters and categories based on product tagging
  • Filter panels will be automatically expanded upon page load if they contain an active selection

Quick View Popup

When browsing for items online, especially in holiday with size and color stock-outs become more common, I want to see all available sizes, colors and details without having to dead end on a product description page. Customers with long shopping lists and multiple shopping sites to hit are more likely to exit a page if a dead end is reached.

A useful tool – like Web Solutions NYC’s Quick View Popup Module – allows your customers to quickly preview product details, while remaining on Category or Search Results pages. This feature allows your customers to easily view the product, select configuration, set quantity and add to cart staying on the same Category or Search Results page. The module supports displaying all product details, including General, Details, More Information and Reviews tabs.

What are you holiday sales calendars shaping up to look like? Want to know how we are helping our portfolio of clients optimize their sites for holiday? Let’s chat..