Top 3 Magento 2 Modules for Post-Holiday eCommerce Sales

After holiday can traditionally be a lull point for online retailers. With the holiday buying boom over and parents just starting to look towards spring, marketers often are at a loss as to how to drive sales in January and February. With consumer inboxes inundated with summer close out sales, X percent off sales and Buy One, Get Ones…How do you entice buyers?

The Magento 2 module market is quickly filling up with enhancements, optimizations and upgrades for e-retailers trying to market and promote their products in new and unique ways. Here are three of Web Solutions NYC’s best modules to drive sales during the post-holiday lull.

Layered Navigation

Coming from my marketer’s perspective, while retaining my avid online shopper’s perspective, I love it when I can drill down into a large product catalog several levels to show just the items I want. The layered navigation module expands upon Magento’s native theme search, and is easily customizable.

Is it Winter? Put a category for clearance buys. The ability to easily customize search based on unique categories and seasonality can help keep customers interested in your site, increasing average order volume.

Layered Navigation Features:

  • Multiple selection of attribute filters
  • Multiple selection of swatch filters
  • Price attributes display as slider
  • Decimal attributes display as slider
  • Customizable search parameters and categories based on product tagging
  • Filter panels will be automatically expanded upon page load if they contain an active selection

Coupon Link URL

I don’t know about you, but I am personally tired of promocode after promocode hitting my inbox. With a market saturated by marketing pushes containing “Use code WINTER0 for 20% off,” and things of the like…How do you stand out? Making things easier for the consumer, that’s how.

The coupon link module allows you to create URL links that will automatically add a coupon code for your customer to the shopping cart, eliminating the need to type in promotional codes upon checkout. This module is beneficial for marketing campaigns, targeted promotional emails, blog posts, social media and affiliate marketing. Each URL can be selected for one-time use, or can be multi-use for Share with a Friend Promotions. Categories can be barred from the discount and monetary thresholds can be added to personalize the promotion.

Quick View Popup

When browsing for items online, I want to see all available sizes, colors and details without having to dead end on a product description page. Personally, if I lose my place in a search result category page because I was re-directed to another page, I will leave the site without buying anything more often than not.

Quick View Popup Module allows your customers to quickly preview product details, while remaining on Category or Search Results pages. This feature allows your customers to easily view the product, select configuration, set quantity and add to cart staying on the same Category or Search Results page. The module supports displaying all product details, including General, Details, More Information and Reviews tabs.

The less obstacles to complete a purchase, the better the user experience is for the customer and the likelihood of a completed purchase increases. The Quick View window is a seamlessly integrated, non-invasive in-page modal window that a customer can easy exit with one click.

What are your winter sales? Let’s chat..