Server Migration Case Study: 40% Faster

Analytics blog Kissmetrics found that 40 percent of shoppers abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. the company, an online retailer of high-resolution digital music and entertainment, couldn’t afford to lose customers to the sluggish load time they were experiencing on server host Rackspace.

The Problem

With over 350,000 products and counting – the company’s product line needed a back-end system that was capable of handling the entire catalog, without lagging. The online seller of digital music downloads was unable to reindex their site for faster speeds on their current servers – doing so would cause a catastrophic total site outage for hours and a loss of their average 550 plus orders and 16,000 active visitors per day.

Repeat visitor rate was slipping and their bounce rate was increasing as the load times on their previous server increased, resulting in lost revenue opportunities and dissatisfied customers. The site was also supporting six administrators from the company, and needed agility to expand these capabilities for future company growth.

The Solution

The company elected to migrate to Nexcess because a full reindex of their 14 million website entries could be completed with under an hour of downtime, and with no lingering issues after the launch. Web Solutions NYC was responsible for the migration, having worked with the company before on launching their Magento storefront and managing the site back-end. With the reindexing capabilities Nexcess provides, the company was able to clean up outdated data, re-organize the site for a better user experience, and improved load times.


Running their site on Nexcess servers, the company’s load time improved by over 50 percent. Shaving off even just a few seconds from each page load time decreased customer exit rate, and increased conversion rate. Now with an industry-standard website speed – the company is able to focus on strategic initiatives for customer experience, rather than worry about improper back-end configuration.

Nexcess servers are designed to work seamlessly with the Magento platform. If you would like to increase your site speed and optimize your Magento platform to the fullest potential – contact us for a free evaluation.