Magento Commerce Cloud: Is it Right for you?

  • Magento Commerce Cloud: Is it Right for you?

    Magento Commerce Cloud Magento announced their cloud eCommerce offering for Magento 2 earlier this year. While SaaS eCommerce models have been around for a while, Magento customers are used to the flexibility and robust features of the enterprise platform. What are the considerations for Magento Cloud and is it right for your online commerce business?…

  • Magento Holiday Season Performance: It Starts On The Server

    Optimizing Server for Holidays Technology professionals are already planning out their 2018 roadmaps. For eCommerce merchants on Magento 1, that likely includes a discussion on whether a migration to Magento 2 should be a priority this year. With Magento’s recent announcement that their module and extension store, Magento Connect, would be shuttering its digital doors…

  • Magento 2 Migration – Get Your Data Migrated The Right Way

    Magento 2 Migration Service Since 2008, Magento 1 has served as one of the leading ecommerce platforms for online merchants around the world. Originally introduced as an open source platform, Magento gave businesses full control over their site, allowing them to make changes as their business and brand evolved.

  • Welcome to FastTrack – The New Way to Get Launched on Magento 2

    Magento has been a leading solution for online retailers for years, providing e-commerce businesses with advanced functionality setting it apart from any other platform out there.

  • Server Migration Case Study: 40% Faster

    Analytics blog Kissmetrics found that 40 percent of shoppers abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. the company, an online retailer of high-resolution digital music and entertainment, couldn’t afford to lose customers to the sluggish load time they were experiencing on server host Rackspace.

  • Upgrade or Enhance? Magento Extends Support for 1 through 2022

    Magento has officially announced they will not begin end of support for Magento 1 in 2018, and support for the first-gen platform will not end through 2022 or beyond. Along with that statement, Magento has stated they will announce end of life support at least 18 months in advance of the sunset date. With this…

  • Big Data and eCommerce: How to Leverage

    Leveraging Big Data for Ecommerce Data, for the past several years, has been a highly-energized topic that has taken on a life form of its own. The search “Big Data” produces thousands of results, and companies are aggressively road-mapping plans to harness their own data for better customer experience and more efficient planning. With the…

  • Magento Site Hosting: On-premise or choosing a Partner?

    There are countless considerations when launching a new online retail site, transitioning to a new eCommerce platform, or giving your current site a facelift. Aesthetics, branding, navigation and marketing are all top considerations that most companies spend a long time deliberating on – but what about the bare bones of your site? There are several…

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