Magento Marketplace – Why Web Solutions NYC Chose To Get Involved

Creating a partnership between an ecommerce platform and a development agency requires that both find one another trustworthy and credible. It’s equally important that each party has a thorough understanding of the mission and goals the other has set for itself. When a partnership has that, as well as a history working together, everyone benefits — the platform, the developer, and most importantly, the businesses who utilize that platform.

This is the type of relationship that Web Solutions NYC has established with Magento. It’s a collaboration that provides ecommerce businesses and their customers with a capable and knowledgeable team of experts that will help those sellers become successful by driving revenue and increasing ROI.

What is Magento?

Ecommerce retailers have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the platform they use to sell their products. The Magento 2 platform is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms — especially for larger businesses that have the resources to invest in the dedicated server costs and specialized development requirements.

Magento provides its users with superior functionalities, that aren’t found when looking at other ecommerce platforms. For example, Magento users can take advantage of a scalable framework, comprehensive catalog management choices, built-in SEO benefits, advanced features, multi-store, and multilingual options. It’s a great platform for businesses with a high volume of sales or an extensive catalog of products.

As with any platform, Magento 2 doesn’t come with every extension or add-on that merchants need. That’s where the Magento Marketplace comes into play. The Magento Marketplace, the official Magento extension store, is the global ecommerce resource for applications and services that expand Magento solutions with powerful new features and functionality. It’s where all the bells and whistles can be found.

What is Web Solutions NYC?

Web Solutions NYC is a full-service design and development agency that works exclusively with the Magento ecommerce platform. As a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, Web Solutions NYC provides unparalleled service to its clients. They are the only partner worldwide that’s built up of a 100% Magento-certified team of experts.

Why Would Web Solutions NYC Want to Work with Magento?

Magento is a leading business class ecommerce platform. It provides a platform for more than 200,000 online businesses and is preferred by one out of every four online retailers. The platform is designed to be completely scalable and to offer optimal performance. And it does so for many enterprise-level businesses like Ford, Samsung, Nike, Christian Louboutin, and many others. Magento websites come in every shape, size, and design, unlike some other platforms that seem to sell cloned copies of site designs.

For online retailers who want unique and specific designs for their sites, Magento is the leader of the pack. However, some Magento users will find that set up of these features often requires specialized ecommerce development skills and knowledge. It also often requires that Magento users add on extensions from the Magento Marketplace to achieve the site they want.

After realizing that third-party extensions for Magento often come with their own set of problems, and they don’t have sufficient support for users to sort out those problems, Web Solutions NYC decided to create a set of modules that they know are compatible with the Magento platform. Additionally, Web Solutions NYC is able to provide the support to its clients that is so hard to find with third-party extension providers. It’s a win-win-win situation, for Magento, Web Solutions NYC, and most importantly, the ecommerce businesses who use extensions from the Magento Marketplace to enhance their website and business operations.

Let Web Solutions NYC Help with Your Magento 2 Business

If you are an ecommerce retailer who needs help to migrate from Magento to Magento 2, who wants to start a Magento 2 site, or who wants help to expand or improve a current Magento 2 site, let the experts at Web Solutions NYC guide you through the process. Choose from our list of Magento modules with confidence to ensure you get exactly what your business needs.

At Web Solutions NYC, we can provide you with extensions from the Magento Marketplace that will run smoothly because it was designed by Magento experts. We will be there to support your ecommerce business along the way, making sure that your extensions do exactly what they are needed to do. Contact our sales department today to schedule a call to discuss your business needs.