Magento 2 Modules to Drive Holiday Sales

Boost Holiday Sales

With holiday shopping just around the corner and back-to-school behind us, the middle of fall can sometimes see a lull in eCommerce sales and new customer acquisition. But that doesn’t have to be the case this autumn. There are unique, revenue-driving promotions that can be run on your Magento, any other eCommerce platform, merchant site to continue driving sales right up until the holiday boost.

Besides the traditional Labor Day promotions and halloween sales, here’s three fun inspirations to gain more valuable customers pre-holiday.

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Flash Sale

A flash sale is a timed, urgent sales that can be run to produce an immediate spike in revenue or to create hype around a certain day, product or category. On Magento, the flash sale can be advertised on the promotional bar across the homepage, or Magento merchants can use the Exit Modal Window Module to remind customers about the sale upon exit. Flash sales can also be promoted through email and social channels, and in the main banner spots on the homepage.

Some copy examples:

  • 24% off for 24-hours only! Use code TWENTY4
  • Ten-percent off tents today!
  • 10, 20, 30% off Select categories for early-bird shoppers. Before 1 PM PST.

Share a Code

Emailing your list a promotional code that is set-up to allow multiple uses is a great way to allow customers to be brand evangelists. If you are a Magento customer, this can be configured in the back-end panel when setting up a promotional code. Branding the code this way encourages customers to share a great deal across their network, and that network already trusts the customer. A customer gained with a promotion such as this costs less to acquire and may have a higher lifetime average value than casual shopper of your site. It also is a way to thank loyal shoppers on your email list for being repeat shoppers on your site.

Some Copy Examples:

  • Fans & Family 20% off sale!
  • Share the love – 15% off for you and your friends!
  • Family Sale – An exclusive promotion for everyone on your list.

VIP Sale & Private Sale

Segmenting your customers to provide the best discounts to the highest-dollar per year customers is just one way to drive loyalty without implementing a structured loyalty program. Magento 2 customers have to option to run private landing page sales for specific customers, and can set up a loyalty program in the admin panel. If you are not a Magento merchant, or are on 1, you can use your marketing or email automation system to find the customers with the highest click-through-rate that interact with your marketing the most. These customers often spend more dollars and will respond well to a VIP sale.

Some Copy Examples:

  • Secret Sale: for our best customers only.
  • VIP Sale: 20% off just for you
  • Invite-only: Shop our secret sale page!

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