Magento for B2B Online Retail: A Competitive Comparison

Video is a powerful marketing tool for any kind of business, but it’s a tool that many companies fail to use properly, or use in lackluster ways. Effectively integrating video into your commerce website and your marketing strategy makes it easier to engage with a broader range of customers. Here are seven proven ways to creatively use video to market your company. 


If your company offers physical products, put together a few videos showing how to use them – or even creative ways to use them. A good example of this is a “how to” campaign. You can be clever if you like, but more importantly, be informative. If you don’t offer tangible goods, instructional videos explaining how your services can be used would also be helpful to customers. Product tutorials are especially important for business-to-business buyers that may be more used to buying via pen-and-paper, rather than online.


Educational videos will expand on your product demos. Offer industry insights, educating the general public on why your services or products are necessary. If you’re a web designer, for instance, explain Search Engine Optimization or analytics. This will not only help your customers understand what they need, but it will prove your subject matter expertise and help prospective buyers feel more comfortable with your breadth of knowledge. With Magento 2.1, any digital product like educational videos can be sold for free or for a price, giving the customer instant access to the video upon check out. You get the warm lead – they get the video they want.


Communication with prospective customers goes a step further with webinars. Webinars can be paid or free for your customers, but they generally offer insights from subject matter experts or industry professionals that go beyond a written explainer. You can walk them through a particular subject and leave time for questions at the end. Webinars can often serve as a sales pitch, walking customers through your services and showing how you can help them.


Give your company a personal touch with friendly, open videos from company executives. Thank them for their business or tell the story of your business in a heart-warming way. These videos are highly effective on “About Us” pages, as a personable way of sharing your company’s history. 


Interview experts (preferably unaffiliated with your company) about special topics in your industry. If you are a marketing consultant, interview a tenured marketing professor from your local university or a local author who specializes in the field. They can talk about the necessity of services you offer without it sounding like a sales pitch, so it’ll bump your company’s reliability.


Customers like to be reminded that there are humans behind every company. Host a meet and greet with your staff, dedicating a video to each staff member or department. Ask for personal information: their hobbies, what they love about their industry. Tie in your company with a question about why they love their jobs and the organization they work for.


 Even if your company isn’t heavily involved in social media, using Instagram and Twitter are quick ways to convey ideas to your customer without exhausting their attention. Lasting between 6-15 seconds, your videos will quickly convey what you do in an easily digestible way. These platforms often require humor or something attention-grabbing, so be selective when choosing your subject matter.

You don’t need to use all of these strategies, but one or two may make your company more approachable and relatable. Share these videos on social media, your website, or on email newsletters, and you’re sure to find success.

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