Magento 2.2 Release: Should Magento 1 Merchants Migrate?

Magento 2.2 Release: Migration Guide

Online retailers know that each year, customers have more and more choices for holiday shopping. With cross-border and international commerce becoming more prevalent, domestic retailers are now competing with sources in other continents. These internationally-based retailers can undercut prices by selling directly from the manufacturing source. What can merchants on Magento do to drive holiday conversion and traffic, while protecting the bottom line?

Integrations and Third-party Extensions

The wonderful thing about the open-source nature of the Magento platform is the ability to connect a variety of reputable third-party platforms and applications to integrate your current marketing automation, analytics, advertising and other CRM accounts. This makes it simple to manage your entire customer lifecycle from one back-end. It also ensures that duplicated data across multiple channels can be combined in one customer profile, letting you target customers more effectively.

Modules and Extensions for Magento 1 and 2

Our proprietary modules for Magento 2 merchants can help drive traffic by incorporating advanced selling tools and enhancements that are not native to the Magento platform. If you are a Magento 1 merchant, you should know that all modules are soon moving to Magento Marketplace, instead of Magento Connect, as of September 2017.

Site User Experience

The organization of your site dictates the customer journey. Making dedicated attributes and landing pages for trending categories can help holiday shoppers find what they want. Try organizing by age group, “gift for mom,” and other social parameters, rather than just item descriptions. It will humanize the online shopping experience for buyers that want to make sure they are purchasing a trusted item for their loved ones gifts.

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