Magento 2.2: A Competitive Battlecard Comparison

Magento 2.2 Comparison

eCommerce is at full momentum, and market share of exceptional industry leaders in eCommerce are running robust operations on stellar websites. The reasons for upgrading to a new eCommerce platform may be that you are outgrowing your current platform, or that you need more functionality than you have currently. What should you consider when choosing between two industry leaders, Shopify and Magento?

Are you Migrating a lot of Data?

The process for moving eCommerc sites  is not just plug-and-play. When choosing Magento, the open-source nature of their platform means you will be able to migrate and preserve all of your important data, such as customer order history and archive.

If you are a new or small merchant, starting from scratch may be easier. While subscription and SaaS models do allow you to put a store up instantly, it can be limited to the start-up features.

Magento 2.2 Features

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition can cater to multiple demographics and customer bases with personalized content shown to visitors based on data about their likes, dislikes needs and wants.

Increase Average Order Value

Up-sells, cross-sells and related products base on dynamic rules-based processes can increase the Average Order Value of each customer with personalized product recommendations based on their current cart and past purchase history.

Simplified Visual Merchandising

No more of the time-sink involved with changing orders of SKUs, refreshing the page, and changing the order again in the back-end. The Magento merchandising interface lets you see in real-time what a page will look like, with instant drag-and-drop merchandising or rules-based auto-merchandising.

Page Caching with Varnish

Magento site performance is enhanced with Varnish page caching natively integrated in the Magento Platform. Site load faster, and excel the industry-standard for performance.

Segmented Master Databases

With separate databases for checkout, product data and managing orders, load speed is improved and customers can complete their orders with less time and no bottlenecks. Increase storefront load speed by eliminating slow SQL media queries. Speed is crucial for holiday and peak traffic periods.


Search has just become more intelligent. Ask the Elasticsearch box a question, or type in a search query and it will scan your entire site results in seconds to show the most relevant information first, saving time and letting customers find what they need.

Magento Modules and Extensions

The Magento Marketplace is the butter to this platform’s bread. Enhancements, optimization and added capabilities are yours with quality, tested extensions for Magento 2 sites. Web Solutions NYC has even developed 17 of our own that come complimentary with your migration project.

Enhanced Checkout

Magento developers have researched the customer journey for over a decade, and know what that hangups and bottlenecks are that prevent a customer from completing an order. Eliminating these obstacles and increasing conversion was top of mind when Magento 2 developed a visual, 2-step process with guest checkout enabled. Guest customers can even reorder without having to re-enter their credit card information.

User-friendly Admin Panel

We know an eCommerce operation is a multi-business unit job. The Magento 2 backend panel allows for concurrent users and easy access to sales reports, product creation, customer service functions and more cross-functional capabilities

Checkout Protection and Security

Eliminate fraud and shipping orders to high-risk customers with enhanced processed to identify these potential issues through Braintree’s risk decision and PCI-compliant checkout.

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