Efficient Ten-day Magento 2 Launch for Luxury Watch Retailer

Efficient Watch Launch

The fourth largest watch retailer in North America had an impressive customer base and heavily trafficked site, but needed to migrate to a completely new platform after their recent acquisition.

The Problem: After a successful acquisition on paper, the client was now racing against a tight deadline. In just two weeks, the current site server was going to be permanently shut off. As eCommerce experts, the team at the watch client knew that loss of their domain, even temporarily, would be a killer for their hard-earned SEO and search rankings. Faced with a choice to put up a quick-and-dirty site or go forward with a Magento 2 project, they had to make a big decision, fast.

The Solution:

The client called Web Solutions NYC. Web Solutions was up for the challenge to launch the new site in under two-weeks, a feat unheard of in the commerce world.

With a team of 100% Magento-certified developers, Web Solutions NYC buckled down and got to work. Foreseeing the power of the Magento 2 platform, Web Solutions NYC already built out 20 of the most popular Magento 1 modules for Magento 2. That cut down major launch time because these modules were ready to plug-and-play into the site store.

The Site Foundation

Data Import: Web Solutions NYC moved over the entire site database to the new site to preserve customer profile and order history, a seamless acquisition.

Server Migration: An emergency server build was done with partner Nexcess over a weekend to manage the site’s 1.4 million visits per month. The server is secure, lightning fast and surpasses the standards for page load times. It is also equipped to handle seasonal spikes, an important feature for the holiday gift-giving season.

Performance Optimization: Web Solutions NYC implemented optimizations to ensure the site speed was top-notch. The web accelerator, working with the new server, ensures that peak performance is always attained no matter the traffic and orders placed on the site.

Front-end Optimization: The client team did not want to shock customers that were used to the old site with a brand-new user experience. Web Solutions NYC was able to implement visually similar, but optimized, front-end design to build upon the foundation of the former site. With conversion in mind, Web Solutions NYC was able to simplify the customer buying journey to enhance conversion.

The Results:

Web Solutions NYC and the client  went live just ten days after putting pen to paper on the contract. The site launch was successful. Now months after the launch, they are receiving benefits such as:

Although it is a pipedream to launch most sites in ten days, the trust the client had in the team at Web Solutions NYC resulted in saving them from loss of revenue and SEO…an invaluable result.

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