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Strategy is more than planning. It’s deeper – a hard look at strengths and weaknesses, a measured understanding of the landscape you compete within, and a determination to take setbacks in stride.​


We are big believers in metrics. Numbers don’t lie.

The catch is: you need to know which numbers to look for – and step one of that process is to set clear, attainable, trackable goals. By defining clear goals, you can ensure you are hitting your mark and making appropriate adjustments along the way.

Web Solutions NYC can assist you with setting clear goals, keeping track of the complex metrics, and then breaking down the insights of those analytics. When it comes down to it, we help you find what matters most to you and your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the elements that our goal setting services will help you establish:

Understand Your Target Audience

Know your target market, where they live online, and how you can reach them.

Build Steady Customer Acquisition

Win more customers with effective sales promotions and ecommerce marketing campaigns built on hard data.

Prioritize Customer Retention

Loyal customers can significantly improve the profitability of your ecommerce businesses. Think twice if customer loyalty isn't part of your strategy.

Know Your Key Performance Indicators

Which metrics are the right ones? Depends on what you're selling, who is buying, and so much more.


Digital journeys don’t have a definitive end.

They are constantly adjusted based on data, analysis, and the state of the world’s economy. The roadmap you create should help you continue growing no matter what comes your way.

That’s why Web Solutions NYC prioritizes understanding the strategy of every ecommerce site we work with.

Defining your roadmap allows you to launch with what you need to compete while continuing to innovate to meet the growing digital commerce demand.

If you know the whole picture before you build your online store, you’ll save time, money, and avoid editorial hassles that can slow you down.

Let us help you build the strategy for your ecommerce business.



It might sound overly simple, but you need to know what to offer customers before they can decide to make a purchase from your ecommerce brand.

Whether you are starting a new digital commerce journey or revamping an existing one, it is vital to know who your company is and what your capabilities are.

This is as simple as answering "what do you sell" and "whom do you sell to"? If you can't quickly answer this question, you'll be in trouble.

With this knowledge, Web Solutions NYC can help you define your journey, play to your strengths, and sell more, faster.


Every industry has unique aspects that affect how an ecommerce store sells a product.

Further - every business in every industry has something differentiating them from their competition. It could be a solution that gets products to consumers faster than competitors, or an innovative technique that lowers your carbon footprint.

Whatever the difference is, let it help you sell!

Web Solutions NYC takes time to understand the elements that makes your products unique.

You need to know your industry, where it is headed, and what your customers expect from merchants. With this forward-thinking approach, you'll be better suited to grow your ecommerce business.


More than ever, customer loyalty is determined by alignment of values and mission - not by a product line or strong brand presence.

If your ecommerce website doesn't include a compelling window into your "why", you're missing an opportunity to establish a longstanding relationship with your customers. If customer experience, retention, and satisfaction are important to you, this step is essential.

Build an Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Your overall ecommerce marketing strategy should generate sales, increase site visitors, and utilize modern marketing automation.

The problem is, eCommerce marketing strategies are as diverse as they are effective. Knowing which option you want to use before you start can be difficult.

Get it right however, and you’re set up for success – potentially before you ever get started.

A few of the marketing tactics at your disposal include:

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising

Web Solutions NYC can help you cut through the noise and find the ecommerce marketing strategy that works to achieve your goals.

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