The Add to Cart Popup Module and Why It’s Useful

The Add to Cart Popup Module and Why It’s Useful

The Add to Cart Popup Module was created to help potential customers clearly navigate your ecommerce site during the final steps of making a purchase. There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not a conversion will be made- the quality of your products, the reputation of your brand, the presentation of your website. But if at the end of it all, your potential customer can’t seem to easily find their way to the shopping cart, there is no way that transaction can be completed. The Add to Cart Popup Module verifies that the correct product or products have been added to the cart in the correct quantities and sizes. It appears as a modal window to ensure that the customer does not lose their place on your site if they decide to continue shopping.

The Module’s Features

The Add to Cart Popup Module was created by Web Solutions NYC to help bring your potential customers to the point in their transaction where they are successfully adding their desired items to the shopping cart. The modal displays on both category and product pages, so the customer will be able to see exactly what’s in their cart before making their way to the final check out page. The text, images and content of the pop-up window can be customized in the Magento back-end. The theme and style of the modal window can be customized as well with just a small amount of front-end development. Customers will experience a seamless style throughout the pop-up window process. The modal window is designed to be very simple to click out of if the customer desires, to avoid diminishing the consumer’s experience. After adding a product to the cart, the modal window will include info such as:

  • Product Name
  • Product image
  • Success confirmation
  • “View Cart and Checkout” button and “Continue Shopping” button

How it Helps Convert Sales

This module helps convert sales by making things clear to the customer before they reach that point in the process where they are looking at a shopping cart full of incorrect items. When incorrect items are placed in the cart, it increases bounce rate upon check-out. However, with the use of this module, customer behavior predicts they will simply remove the item, rather than press the back button to find the item again. This modal window also ensures the customer stays on the category or search page they were on for continued purchases. This will encourage making more purchases rather than checking out immediately.

Web Solutions NYC and Magento

Web Solutions NYC is made up of a team of expert developers who specialize only in Magento. Because of this fact, we know the platform better than anyone else. Web Solutions NYC because developing modules for the Magento Marketplace when we saw the issues that often came up from integrating with third party extensions. A platform like Magento should be used to its fullest potential, without the hassle of bugs coming from outside module integrations. Magento is a leading business class ecommerce platform. It provides a platform to more than 200,000 online businesses and is preferred by one out of every four online retailers. Magento is designed to be completely scalable as well as to offer optimal performance.

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