Magento B2B modules leading the way for B2B ecommerce platforms

Magento B2B Modules

There are many Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) modules specializing in B2B that are specifically built to integrate with the platform. This post shares critical Magento 2 B2B module recommendations that will help you acquire customers and build your online store.

Top Adobe Commerce B2B Extension List

The Magento Marketplace is the global ecommerce resource for applications and services that expand Magento solutions with powerful new features and functionality. This is where all the bells and whistles can be found when taking your B2B functionality to the next level.

Below are the top 7 Magento 2 B2B recommendations to get your ecommerce store set up correctly:

#1: B2B Module

This is the base Magento 2 module for B2B. It is a premium B2B solution for businesses that wish to sell via Magento 2.

It is installed on top of the base suite and helps provide foundational features that are necessary for B2B selling. It also has a number of elements that help a B2B business brand, establish different customer groups, set up custom pricing, and start reaching customers.

#2: Company Module

This extension allows B2B sellers to create company accounts and individual sub-accounts for their customers. Companies are able to log in, assign multiple members, denote roles, and begin their shopping experience.

Company members are set with their own individualized roles and permissions, allowing Master account users to decide what exactly their team members have access to.

Users will have the ability to enable or disable access to quote requests, set purchase amount caps, and place orders from approved RFQs.

Enabling business buyers to empower the internal team members cuts down on the time it takes for most senior employees to simply accept their work. It’s also a great way to support your customers’ needs without adding to their workloads.

As an added bonus, this extension is WEB API enabled, allowing knowledgeable ecommerce website developers to integrate this solution with other tools that service your customers.

#3: Company Payment

This extension adds features to the Company module, and allows B2B stores the ability to provide flexible payment methods to their customers.

it should be noted that not every payment method works directly through this extension. For instance, company credit management is typically handled by another extension (Company Credit), so a full review of your buying process is recommended to implement the best practice for your business.

Regardless, this is a highly recommended tool for B2B sellers who wish to allow their customers to facilitate purchasing through their online store.

#4: Negotiable Quote

This extension allows admin sellers to negotiate pricing directly with a buyer. This negotiation can occur over product price, shipping methods, and more.

This module ties in with the Company module in order to make the ordering process quick and easy for all members of the buying team. Clients can request pricing quotes, then admins can approve, decline, or modify the request in the customer-facing account menu.

#5: Shared Catalog

For Magento 2 B2B stores that offer a variety of products and manage multiple large orders, the Shared Catalog helps you share available products with custom prices for each unique company account. You’ll be able to customize a product grid, share sales, offer configurable products, and negotiate prices with ease.

Note: Negotiable Quote and Shared Catalog have a third extension that integrates the two for added support and business efficiency.

#6: Requisition List

Customer satisfaction is a huge element of B2B selling, so allowing your customers to make quick repeat purchases is a must.

The requisition list module does exactly as it says: it allows your buyer to create multiple requisition lists. These lists of frequently-purchased items helps save your customer time and allows you to support them with easily accessible records of their purchases.

This is especially useful for B2B relationships involving wholesale buying or bulk orders and provides added functionality to your purchase orders.

#7: Quick Order

The Quick Order Magento 2 B2B extension allows your buyers to create a list of SKUs and quickly order them with minimal hassle. When integrated with other features, this reduces friction and improves your customer experience when making a repeat purchase.

Which Magento 2 B2B Module Will Supercharge Your Website?

If you are just starting out with Magento 2 B2B selling, make sure you using the platform to its fullest with all of the B2B features you need.

Then process to get a feel for the features included in your platform.

Get used to what is being most utilized by your buyers and what isn’t.

Explore the extensions available to you and decide what’s most important to implement early on.

As your business grows, your site will undoubtedly become more robust with features and functionalities which will only expand growth even further.