Magento Address Validation – Why You Cannot Afford To Get This Wrong

Magento Address Validation Importance

If an online merchant wants their business to be a successful one, one must make sure all elements are in place in order to create a positive customer experience. From the quality of what’s being sold, to the experience given on the website, to the successful delivery of a product  to the customer’s door, everything is put in place in order to make that experience a success.

Now let’s say that all is well within your business. All aspects of the customer experience are in place, and there is a happy potential customer in the process of making a purchase from your site. That is until they reach the point where it’s time to enter their shipping information and unknowingly misspell their own address- as human error will sometimes cause people to do.

Such a seemingly small mistake will now completely alter the course of events for the remainder of that transaction, and the package will not make it to the consumer on time- if at all. For an e-commerce business, there is no data more vital for success than customer address information. Without it, the consumer will not receive the item they paid for, and the sale can not be a success.

About the Module

Luckily, a module has been created in order to prevent this from happening. The Address Validation Module was created by Web Solutions NYC in order to keep things running smoothly and accurately within your business. The module is an extension made for the Magento platform. Magento is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, built on open source technology, which provides online merchants with complete control over their site.

The Address Validation Module is convenient because it requires only a small amount of development and appears as a modal window to customers. A modal window is a child window requiring user interaction prior to returning to the main page — here, the address data entry. A customer would enter in their address information, and if it has been entered in incorrectly, the module would prompt the customer with suggestions for the correct address name. Between street numbers, street names, towns and zip codes, customers are likely to make a mistake at some point. These fields will all be verified with the USPS database to prevent this from happening.

What’s great about this module is that it will allow the customer to bypass these suggestions and make the purchase if they wish to. There is always a chance that they are looking to enter in something different that what the computer is suggesting. In that case, the customer will still see the suggested corrections, but will be able to make the final decision about where the package should be delivered.

This is an Investment That Pays Off

When making an investment like this, one needs to think about the repercussions of not utilizing such a module. In the end, your business will lose time, money, and credibility. If a customer unknowingly enters in an inaccurate address, their item will not be shipped to their house on the date that they were expecting the purchase. The customer will most likely call the customer service department of your business who will then have to spend time apologizing for your customers dissatisfaction and then spend even more time figuring out where you went wrong. Figuring out where the transaction went wrong consists of first discovering that the problem lies in the inaccuracy of the shipping address, and then finding out where that package actually resides. You would be lucky to get that package to the customer at any point, even if it is not on time. Your company will spend time and money either re-shipping the original package, or sending out a new one to the customer. Now you are left with a dissatisfied customer, a lost package, and time and money spent correcting a problem that could have been easily avoided. Doesn’t it make more sense to just make the investment and avoid the confusion?

Another benefit of the Address Validation Module is that you can have all of your product shipment data organized accurately. The IRS has been becoming more and more strict with taxes on e-commerce sales. Online merchants must be able to show where their money is coming from so that the appropriate tax laws can be enforced. With this module, the location of all of your online sales will be accurate without any doubt.

Using the Magento Platform to its Full Potential

Like many features of the Magento platform, this Magento extension is customizable. When a customer enters in the wrong address, you can choose what message will be displayed, prompting the customer to correct their errors. You can also configure this module to not be enforced for orders where there is obviously no physical shipment, such as virtual products, downloads, or e-gift cards.

If you are going to invest in anything as an ecommerce business, let it be the Address Validation Module. The goal is to make a sale and have the product arrive at the front door of a happy customer. Web Solutions NYC created this module to ensure that this process is a successful one. Web Solutions NYC is a partner of the ecommerce platform, Adobe Commerce. They began building modules in order to make the experience of utilizing the Magento platform as beneficial as possible for both the business and the consumer.

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