Magento 2.2 for B2B Clients: A Winning Combination

Magento 2.2 for B2B Clients

The customer’s journey through your site is important from the homepage, to the product page, item description, promotional landing pages and all pre-sale touchpoints. The checkout however, if not optimized, can make all that marketing effort a moot point if it is not streamlined for conversion. Customers have little patience for check out processes that take too long, have bottleneck or hurdles. How can you enhance your cart experience to ensure that customers convert at the most important touchpoint of all, the purchase point?

Make it Faster

Magento 2 provides 51% faster “guest checkout” response time, and 36%f aster customer checkout response time. Page load times are crucial to keep customers from bouncing off your site at buying time. A slow load speed, images that do not load in the cart, or poor front-end work can be a conversion-killer. Customers do not like to be confused when entering their information, it can make your site seem unsafe or untrustworthy. Testing the site speed and using page caching features can increase the page load time and ensure that there are no hangups in the cart view.

Secure, Secure, Secure

Magento processes 39% more orders/hour, check-out receives nearly instant server-response times. But if the issue is with your actual server, no eCommerce platform in the world can remedy that issue. Ensuring proper server configuration and performance will protect your site from data breaches on the back-end. It will also ensure that your Magento cart is able to work as intended, with lightning fast speed and information processing.


Efficient handling of large order volume, robust catalogs and customer lists are crucial components of an eCommerce platform any time of the year, but especially during holiday. With some merchants making 25 percent of their yearly profit in just two months of the holiday eCommerce season, sites have to be load tested for performance well before the big days of holiday like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A non-functioning site or downtime during these times can kill revenue goals and ensure that loyal customers do not return to finish their holiday shopping because of perceived untrustworthiness.

Customer Experience

Clearly labeled promotions with direct, concise rules will allow you to avoid a customer service headache. If a promotion is confusing, or the rules are not laid out in the cart, a customer can either bounce off your site without purchasing, or use up your customer service man hours trying to find an explanation for this confusion. A responsive checkout cart across all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop with working promotional tags and notes is a best practice eCommerce merchants need to take heed of.

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