How B2B eCommerce is Leveraging Magento

Leveraging Magento for B2B

The popularity of the Magento platform can be attributed to the open-source and customizable platform set-up of the eCommerce system.

With the option to choose the free Community Edition, or more robust Enterprise Edition, and a marketplace boasting thousands of custom add-ons and extensions – it’s no wonder Magento retains a wide variety of clients across verticals like business-to-business, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, food products and fashion.

Extensions are the butter to the Magento bread – they can add value, increase conversion and create happier, more loyal, customers. Here at Web Solutions NYC, we believe that extensions should be intelligent, easy-to-use and quality.

Here are our top five marketing extensions to add value to your online retail site.

1. Blog Module

Blogs were not always a common sight on eCommerce websites.

However, more and more brands are realizing that content is just as important as product to become trusted brand experts – not to mention gaining SEO credibility with search engines.

Blogs help brands connect with potential customers on a more personal level, and engage current customers. Having a blog extension that runs natively in the Magento back-end, rather than as a third-party application, ensures that your blog blends and works seamlessly within your site.

With features like scheduled publishing, social sharing, an easy HTML editor, and a newsletter sign-up modal window – the Web Solutions NYC Blog Module is a robust marketing tool that can increase brand awareness on your Magento site.

 2. Subscriptions Module

The Subscriptions Module lets customers order a recurring delivery of products on a basis of their choosing – monthly, weekly or even daily (as the client chooses to show).

The subscription trend – seen across top verticals like pet supplies with BarkBox, to makeup and beauty with Julep – are indisputably shaping the eCommerce landscape for the future.

Subscription box Online retailers have grown nearly 3,000% in the past three years, according to Internet Retailer.

The move from one-time buyer to subscriber creates repeat customers, a steady income stream and additional monetization of current product.

 3. Store Locator module

 The Store Locator extension allows customers to locate physical locations of an online store through the store locator search function.

When customers can find physical store locations easily, revenue and sales may increase if they know they can buy an item in-store, or return an online purchase in store with ease.

The search displays all brick-and-mortar stores with store’s image, contact details and opening hours.

All stores are displayed on a map – customers can search stores by radius, receive directions to each store and see traffic information; all within the website page.

The stores are pulled automatically using Google Maps API. Stores not on Google Maps can also be added manually.

4. Free Shipping Threshold

Customer expect promotions with all the competition in the online marketplace.

But how do you keep promotions fresh, while protecting your bottom line?

The Free Shipping Threshold displays the dollar amount remaining for a shopper to receive free shipping on an order in a bar across the top of the website.

A notice is displayed on Shopping Cart and Checkout pages encouraging customers to put additional items in their carts and meet the threshold to qualify for free shipping.

Free shipping is one of the most enticing promotions you can give a customer.

With the prevalence of Amazon Prime and other 100% free shipping services, customers have come to expect this from smaller sites they purchase from.

Free shipping threshold lets you configure the perfect amount to start “Free Shipping” at, protecting your shipping revenue and increasing the Average Order Volume of shoppers on your site.

 5. Quick View Popup Module

The Quick View Popup Module allows your customers to quickly preview product details, while remaining on Category or Search Results pages.

The popup shows your customers the product photo, details, and allows them to set quantity, select color and add to cart, while never leaving the page.

Having a popup window for every item on the results page makes buying decision easier and reduces page bounce rate.

Build Your Magento Site With Confidence

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