Epicor P21 Integration with Magento

Epicor P21 Integration

When choosing a strategy for implementing a new or improved ecommerce site, it’s important to work with a team who understands your goals and is well prepared to integrate any and all features necessary to achieve them.

Oftentimes, a business is looking to replace certain software systems within their company workflow, but is not looking to get rid of others.

This is where the power of integration comes in.

The automated communications between new and old systems is what will keep things running at peak optimization when a new software is implemented.

Selecting a development agency who is familiar and skilled at such integration processes will help things to run smoothly, and Web Solutions NYC is no stranger to these kinds of projects.

The Integration of Epicor P21

Epicor P21 is an ERP system known for its ability to scale and change as a business grows.

Because it is a system which consists of continuous updates, and allows for heavy customization by the merchant. These aspects of P21 make the integration process more complex, but an integration to the Magento Platform was made successful by Web Solutions NYC.

A Web Solutions NYC client is a North American distributor of maintenance, repair, and operations, specializing in business to business transactions. They also supply electrical products and to the electrical and manufacturing industries. The company has been around since 1880. The client selected Magento as a solution for their ecommerce needs based on the many B2B capabilities of the platform. Magento’s ability to scale and enterprise-level of support were also taken into consideration by the company. The client had a goal of increasing their catalog from 90,000 to 500,000 products within a year, and needed to make a change to their previous ecommerce strategy.

Epicor P21 was and is today an integral part of their business. It was essential that whatever route they chose to take in changing their online presence, the ecommerce platform had to be integrated with the ERP system in place. This integration included the synchronization of customers/contacts, companies, orders, shipments, and prices, among much more. It included both real time data as well as some information being updated nightly. The exchange of data worked both to P21 from Magento and vice versa, and included a sophisticated import/export process based on a module from Firebear Studio. It was important that data was deemed accurate before being imported from one platform to another. This was made possible by a custom feature which validated CSV files for correctness prior to them being imported.

Other features native to Magento were integrated with the P21 ERP including Negotiable Quotes, Quick Order, and Companies. These features were also customized to fit the exact needs of the client. Also unique to the client was the need for non-standard shipping logic rules and shipping methods. All of which were accommodated during the implementation of their Magento site. It was important that the flow of information from Magento to P21 was uninterrupted and all encompassing so that no information was lost in the process. As a result, all information within the Magento admin panel had been imported from the P21 ERP, including orders, order history, and invoices.

Cutting edge technologies such as Bitbucket Pipelines, Jira, RabbitMQ, Postman, Swagger, New Relic, Blackfire, Logz.io and MailHog, were all utilized during the implementation and integration processes to ensure the optimization of the site’s features and performance levels. Web Solutions NYC was able to successfully complete this complex integration because our knowledge of Magento is unparalleled. Being an agency which works exclusively with Magento, we have been learning the best ways to implement and integrate the platform for over a decade. Knowledge of how to complete a successful integration is often essential to the successful launch of a new Magento site, as every unique business has softwares and processes that there is no need to let go of. This is where Magento’s open source capabilities become a valued quality of the ecommerce platform, allowing it to connect seamlessly to most other systems.

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