DJ Equipment Merchant Launches a Sound New Magento Site

New Magento Site Launch

Enhanced design, security and Speed was Made Possible with Magento and Web Solutions NYC

I DJ Now is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer of DJ, lighting, sound and technological equipment. The company was founded in 1990 and has a long-standing reputation for customer service and technical expertise. Online electronics in particular have seen a significant shift to online retail. I DJ Now needed to stay competitive with big box stores and Amazon, two retailers that have diminished business for independent technology retailers by undercutting pricing and providing enticing shipping promotions. Big Box stores, however, cannot provide the expertise that over 25 years in the business can and I DJ Now needed a compelling and functional site experience to show that off.

The Problem

With brick-and-mortar electronics stores seeing a decrease in demand, the industry has rapidly shifted to eCommerce. Wanting to be one of the first and best for DJ and sound equipment, I DJ Now needed a high-tech and functional site to service their music-obsessed clients. With a complex product and a constantly rotating promotional calendar, the technology retailer needed a site that can support both functionality and a contemporary user-friendly design.

Working with an agency that did not provide them what they needed in terms of open communication and on-time deliverables, I DJ Now knew they needed a partner with the expertise to launch their site into a modern destination for technology and music lovers to trust for the best equipment in sound, music and electronics. I DJ Now contacted Web Solutions NYC to pick up the pace on their project, and found partner that was able to deliver a stellar experience for years to come.

The Solution

When Web Solutions NYC brought on this project as a rescue, ensuring that our top Magento-certified developers scanned and re-wrote the core code for quality and performance was the first step in getting I DJ Now’s site up to industry best. In addition to a full code audit, Web Solutions NYC provided:

Code Audit: Strong, quality code, with no bottlenecks, is the secret to a secure, speedy site. With a strong foundation, Web Solutions NYC was able to implement further optimizations and enhancements.

Site Design Consultation: With user experience and ease of search in mind, Web Solutions NYC did a front-end audit for site architecture and added advanced options for search and layered navigation. With a large product catalog and advanced configurable features on many products, shopping from a “traditional catalog” setup was not good for the customer, or their conversion rates. Customers can now shop niche categories that make sense for their large product catalog and see real customer reviews under each item, an important feature for high-ticket items.

Full Security Audit and Patching: After experiencing site security issues, Web Solutions NYC did a security audit to protect I DJ Now from DDoS attacks it had experienced. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack occurs when many botnets or other compromised systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a web server with traffic, resulting in downtime and an unsafe site. After the security audit, server safety  matching best practice for security standards and stability, Web Solutions NYC helped optimize the site structure and capabilities like reviews and search to convert more customers buying their high-end tech gear.

Server Migration and Optimization: The company’s product line needed a back-end system that was capable of handling the large catalog without lagging. Choosing Nexcess because of their close relationship with Magento and Web Solutions NYC, the migration was completed swiftly. With the reindexing capabilities Nexcess provides, I DJ Now was able to clean up outdated data, reorganize the site for a better user experience, and improve load times.

Continuous Improvement: I DJ Now continues to work with Web Solutions NYC to continuously improve their website and modernize for competitive advantage. Whether it is a special project to implement a feature like financing, or continuing to update security and performance, Web Solutions NYC is a trusted advisor to their client.

The Results

Web Solutions NYC optimized the site to be easily searchable and streamlined the buying process to increase conversion, an amazing enhancement for the complex site. But the true long-term enhancements lie in securing the site against any future security attacks and improving their load speeds. Enhancements that aren’t always seen to the customer’s eye, but are crucial for site operations. I DJ Now can now have a holiday buying season with floods of traffic with no concerns about site downtime or slow load speed. With high-ticket electronics, holiday is crucial to meeting their year-end revenue goals.

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