Breaking into B2B: Considerations for B2C Online Merchants

B2B for B2C Merchants

eCommerce marketers know by now that mobile buying is an important element to selling in their industry. Though apps and mobile-optimized sites are now that norm, we now know that leading brands are specifically tailoring their mobile experience to keep up with the rapidly changing technology more customers are buying from.

Smartphones, Tablets and more

Buyers are equipped with mobile devices and as this technology gets more comfortable, customers are making more purchases via mobile. Every year, these buyers are becoming more dependent on these devices, and it’s expected that they will do a large percentage of their business from the comfort of their Android, iPhone or tablet.

This doesn’t mean that customers won’t interact with sellers through their usual interfaces. They’ll still visit your website and reach out to your customer service department. But new avenues and connections have been opened, and consumers will use them to engage with your business and search for information about your products.

The Importance of the User Experience

The very same consumers who favor mobile technology in the B2C world are also B2B buyers. After experiencing the relative ease of mobile shopping, many customers crave the same experience in the B2B sector. In order to remain competitive and appeal to a larger base of customers, B2B retailers have to adapt to mobile-optimized technology.

Online sellers like Amazon have set the bar very high. B2B retailers must create a functional, feature-rich mobile interface, without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Whether designing an app for your company or simply optimizing your website, allowing for all the functionality a customer would experience on a desktop computer is essential.

Mobile optimization means the ability make purchases with mobile devices, track orders, and contact customer support with the same ease as using a desktop interface. It also means the ability to search the entire product catalog and easily view product images and technical documentation.

Business-to-business selling also presents unique challenges in mobile commerce. Businesses need the ability to submit Purchase Orders, receive automated recurring billing, access special group pricing, and contact customer service – all on a mobile interface.

This may seem like a massive undertaking for any B2B marketer. But with mobile technology becoming the new norm, the need for mobile commerce is becoming more and more urgent. For instance, if a customer is browsing your product catalog on their train ride into the office or during their lunch break and they experience difficulty engaging with your site, they may return to their search results and simply move on to the next distributor. User experience can make or break customer loyalty, and a great one can increase sales and conversion.

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