Shopware is the future of e-commerce

Shopware is API first. Meaning it allows the kinds of experiences customers have come to expect. With a completely separated front-end and back-end architecture, Shopware is built on a future-proof platform.

INtroducing Shopware

Shopware has been creating eCommerce experiences since 2000. Through their continued success in the European markets they have now launched in the USA with Web Solutions NYC being amongst the first Enterprise Partners to offer the full suite of features Shopware has to offer.
Find out some of the key features Shopware has to offer and read our Ultimate Merchant Guide for your next Digital Commerce project.

Why Work With Us?

With the use of Shopware your site adapts to your business model and is straightforward to use.

Shopware Configuration

Shopware provides full control allowing you to configure your digital commerce platform to your business needs. Configuring catalogs, variants, shipping methods & payments rules to name just a few. With over 100,000 liver merchants and over 20 years experience, there is sure to be a configuration option for you. And here is the best part, if there isn’t you can customize it with the open-source code.

Shopware Product Management

Products are at the heart of your online business – from one standard software solution, Shopware provides you with everything you need to effortlessly get started selling.

  • Intuitive creation of products and categories
  • Infinite number of products
  • Import and export of products
  • Maintenance of product types and characteristics
  • Product can be assigned tags (tagging system)
  • Creation and management of your own free text fields
  • Variant capability and filtering of item variants
  • Creation and sale of virtual products
  • Sale of customized products free from the Professional Edition and higher
  • Product ratings and cross-selling function

Shopware Marketing & Design

For the first time, Shopping Experiences makes it possible for customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device. For the retailer, creating Shopping Experiences comes intuitively and requires no design affinity or prior technical knowledge.

  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive usability
  • Flexibly design any number of pages: Landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, listings etc.
  • Manage different content for individual sales channels

Shopware B2B Functionality

The Shopware B2B Suite has been designed to meet the complex requirements of the B2B segment while offering a high degree of customisability. The powerful framework enables a seamless integration into existing workflows and processes, making it possible to adapt to a wide range of diverse business models.

  • Powerful B2B framework with an extensive feature set
  • Ease of integration with existing processes
  • Precise control or rights and roles, budgeting and release processes
  • Targeted customer approach through customer-specific price functions
  • Contact and address management
  • Quick orders

Shopware Technology

Shopware 6 uses Symfony as the standard framework, while the administration is completely based on Vue.js. In relying on technological standards, we’ve made it even easier to work with Shopware – while reducing dependency on specialized knowledge. Our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible to get started with Shopware by providing you with various resources.


Shopware Marketplace

Shopware 6 is a lean and extremely flexible product that can be easily adapted to meet your requirements – and the Plugin Manager is your command center for managing the apps and themes added to your shop. Using this module, you can install, purchase, update or delete apps.

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