Subscriptions Module

The Subscriptions Module lets customers order a recurring delivery of products on a basis of their choosing – monthly, weekly or even daily (as the client chooses to show). The subscription trend - seen across top verticals like pet supplies with BarkBox, to makeup and beauty with Julep – are indisputably shaping the eCommerce landscape for the future. Subscription box online retailers have grown nearly 3,000% in the past three years, according to Internet Retailer. The move from one-time buyer to subscriber creates repeat customers, a steady income stream and additional monetization of current product.

The eCommerce infrastructure and operational requirements needed to implement a subscription service on the back-end, and make it customer-friendly on the front-end, may seem like an intimidating business challenge. However, growing your digital channels with the implementation of a subscription strategy is not only do-able; we've done the legwork in the Subscriptions module.


  • Offer a customizable subscription schedule.

  • Subscription-only product designation.

  • All major credit cards accepted.

  • Customize customer-facing communications.

  • Set the minimum time for cancellations and display minimum cancellation time in cart and/or on product page.

  • Restrict subscriptions to specific customer group(s).

  • Checkout with any combination of subscription/non-subscription products.

  • Create custom terms and conditions.