Store Management Suite

The Store Management Suite combines In-store Pickup and Store Locator functions to allow your customers to pick up an in-stock item in a physical store, and find the nearest store to them on the locator. Buy Online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) capabilities are considered a must-have for 21% of online shoppers, According to the Q3 Forrester Wave Report. In-store pickup also increases the chance that the average order volume of a customer will increase, because additional buying may take place at the store.

In Store Pick-Up

The In-store Pickup Module allows orders to be sent to a brick-and-mortar store of the customers’ choosing. The store POS system will receive an alert that an online order has been placed, and the store associate will be able to pick-and-pack that order in the store, or will be alerted that the item will be shipped to the store for the customer to pick up.The buttons shown on the front-end check-out to the customer are customizable to match your template, as well as the list of physical stores for the local store module is customizable. In the back-end, a shipping configuration panel is accessible to the admin to customize order messaging email that customers will receive upon checkout.


  • The Local Stores Module will need to be installed first to populate the physical locations of your stores from the Google Map API, which will be provided at no cost with this package.

  • Configure any extra fees or shipping costs for BOPIS in the Magento Menu

  • Customizable customer messaging

  • Shows if the exact color, size and configuration of an item in the customer cart is available at the store.

  • Address of store shown on checkout page for easy customer access.

Store Locator

The Store Locator Module allows customers to locate physical locations of an online store. The search results display all brick-and-mortar stores with store’s image, contact details and opening hours that pertain to the customer’s location search. Results for stores are displayed on an interactive map - customers can search stores by radius, receive directions to each store and see traffic information - all within the website page.

For simple set-up, store catalog with addresses and optional images can be bulk uploaded to feed the search function in the module. The stores are pulled automatically using Google Maps API using the Store Locator Base Module that is included with this package. Stores not on Google Maps can also be added manually.


  • Add an unlimited number of brick-and-mortar store locations.

  • Supports street view and show directions from current location to nearest or selected store.


Allows search for stores by:

  • Nearby by city

  • Zip code

  • Radius (km or mile)

If no store is found in specified radius, a modal window with information pops up and a route to the nearest store is presented.