The Social Media Login Module

Creating a new account that requires multiple information fields upon checkout can increase customer bounce rate and decrease completed sales. The Social Media Login Module allows for social media logins for checking out and creating an account that are quicker and easier for the customer than inputting all informational fields like name, address, phone, etc. The customer saves time and completed orders increase.

The Social Media Login module allows for easy log-in using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts. The button styles are customizable to match your branding, and the specific networks to allow log-ins are also customizable.

Customers expect simple account creation in today's competitive online retail landscape. With less patience for giving away their personal information and filling out long forms - social login gives one-click access to account creation, driving sales and increasing conversion.


  • Allows for quick customer login with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account.

  • Only information required during registration of new account or login is username and password to selected social media platform.

  • Does not remove any Magento functionality, customers can decide to register as normal after selecting.

  • Customizable button styles displayed on front-end.

  • Control over enabling/disabling particular platforms for login.