M&J Trimming

M&J Trimming holds their vast product inventory of fabrics, clothing, materials, craft tools and accessories on the premises of their NYC retail store and operates online operations directly fulfilled from store. With a large presence at the New York City flagship store, fans of M&J wanted to be able to access their unique and specialized inventory nationwide.

Web Solutions NYC has been working with M&J Trimming for almost half a decade, and it has been a winning combo. We have helped the company through four years of rapid growth by providing them with an agile, scalable site, complete with optimizations and improvements to stay on-trend and competitive. We work directly with their team on special projects that arise from their growth in the B2B and B2C online retail arenas. With the ability to submit Purchase Orders, support large custom orders, and an enhanced front-end interface; M&J can now expand further into business-to-business sales.

Features Provided as a Solution

  • Code Audit

  • Performance Optimization

  • Customer Experience Improvements

  • Security Patches

  • Module Installations

  • Continuous Improvements

Check out our work here at http://www.mjtrimming.com/