Marshall E. Campbell


Web Solutions NYC is pleased to announce that Marshall E. Campbell Co. went live on Magento Commerce 2.2.6 on January 31, 2019, 139 years after the company was founded.

Marshall E. Campbell Co. is a substantial North American B2B distributor of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products and services, as well as supplier of products to the electrical construction industry, and a third division which focuses on control and automation solutions for the OEM and manufacturing industries.

Their previous website was a custom solution based on Epicor Prophet 21. However, they selected Magento Commerce based on multiple out of the box B2B features, enterprise-level of support and exceptional ability to scale; especially considering their goal of growing the catalog from 90,000 products loaded initially to 500,000 within a year.

The website works on a single-store mode optimized to handle large catalog and corporate sales placed by multiple users under a single company in Magento. The most important component of the project was to ensure the website was fully integrated with the heart of their business - ERP system Epicor Prophet 21. Highlights:

1. Developed a full integration of Prophet 21 with Magento, including the synchronization of Customers (P21 Contacts), Companies (P21 Accounts), Orders, Shipments, Prices and more. The integration works in both directions (P21 <-> Magento) and depending on the case, either real-time data is retrieved directly by API or on-schedule nightly updates of entities from P21 to Magento’s database. The entire integration is based on RabbitMQ queues and is either synchronous or asynchronous.

2. Based on Improved Import / Export module from Firebear Studio, a sophisticated product import process was developed, including whole product, attribute, attribute set creation, and distinction between “attributes” and “filters”, together with all the necessary files (images, videos, specification sheets, etc.). It also includes category creation with all the required data, images, and more. The custom feature implementation validates the CSV prior to importing by checking the correctness of the data and comparing the data in the CSV with the information already present in Magento.

3. Considered complex pricing structure. The products are sold based on Unit Of Measure (UOM), which introduces minimum quantity, quantity intervals, tier prices, customer-specific prices and more. A dynamic display of prices depending on UOM selection and all additional conditions was implemented while recognizing their 4.5 million unique prices per Customer Group and per Company (with Full Page Cache).

4. Installed Elastic Suite and highly customized it to display the products and categories within Search Suggestions dropdown in accordance to very specific and complex rules requested. The results differ based on the Company under which the user is registered showing Company-specific data.

5. Enabled, customized and integrated with P21 ERP multiple B2B Magento features including: Negotiable Quotes, Quick Order, and Companies.

The website can be visited under this location: During the work, the following cutting-edge tools were used:

• Bitbucket Pipelines
• Jira
• RabbitMQ
• Postman
• Swagger
• New Relic
• Blackfire
• MailHog
• InVision