Magento Commerce Cloud

Formerly known as Magento Cloud Enterprise Edition, Magento Commerce is a powerful and stable solution for clients looking to host their ecommerce operations within the cloud. It is a managed and automated high-availability hosting platform for Magento 2 merchants with many benefits including the following:

  • It's a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment without the limitations of multi-tenancy.

  • Managed services such as MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, and more can be added without requiring external add-ons.

  • Sites are built using a secure and robust Composer build process.

  • It will increase the amount of memory and CPU when needed for peak selling times or rapid growth.

The Digital Commerce Cloud for B2B

Magento heard the consumer cries for most robust, and competitive tools for B2B and answered them in the Digital Commerce Cloud edition. B2B features can be implemented easily to fit the way you do business, such as:

  • Non-technical teams can own and deploy content, with the new content management system from Bluefoot CMS. Allowing for personalized, more compelling B2B and B2C experiences to drive conversion.

  • Corporate account management: A hierarchy of business buyers can set varying roles and permissions for their teams.

  • Expanded payment options, including payment on credit and by purchase order to boost sales.

  • B2B and B2C sales, multiple brands, and multiple geographies can be managed in one admin panel on the same platform.

Magento Site Hosting

Here to help us help you is our trusted partner in hosting- Nexcess. Nexcess ensures that your website is up and running at the highest level of efficiency 24/7. If a problem is to arise, clients have direct access to their partner server support team, which provides immediate responses to critical issues. Nexcess’s services also include system performance improvements and monitoring which is available to clients in varying levels of support and service hours.

Magento End User Training

An important service we offer here at Web Solutions NYC is Magento End User Training. This training service was put in place to help you utilize Magento to its greatest potential. Whether you want to bring your Magento operation in house, or would like to train your admins for optimal day-to-day use, our experts can help.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Video training sessions on Magento Back-end Set-up

  • Project Documentation

  • Installation of custom modules and documentation on how to operate.

  • Front-end Assistance

  • Continuous Support and Managed Services.


Want to learn more about how Magento can be tailored to your specific industry?


Managed Services

Support and Maintenance

Once your dream website has been built, it will need support and maintenance to continue running at peak performance. Our team of project managers, developers, and tech experts are here to provide you with that support. All clients enrolled in our Magento Managed Services plan will have direct access to our Magento Certified Development team to ensure an immediate response to any critical issue that may arise within your site.

Continuous Improvements

We also offer Continuous Improvements to make sure your site is not falling behind with the most current and cutting edge features and technologies. This service includes:

  • Site Performance Monitoring and Optimization

  • eCommerce enhancements

  • Security Patches and Updates

  • Seasonality and Peak Selling Time Enhancements

  • On-going Analysis of Areas for Improvement


Team Augmentation and Full Service Management

With a growing company, it's often hard to gauge the number of resources necessary to manage an eCommerce operation. Instead of making the commitment to hire more full-time resources, and incur the potential long-term overhead, Web Solutions NYC offers team augmentation of our vetted, Magento-Certified Developers on an as-needed basis. In addition, if your team has their hands full, we offer Full-Service Management of your eCommerce Operations, development, troubleshooting and on-going support.

Special Projects

The beauty of Magento lies in the ability to build special features unique to the client’s needs and goals. Many of these features built have lead to rapid growth and expansion- something we always love to see!

Some special projects we have enabled include the following:

  • Global Expansion: Expanded payments, Shipping, Country-specific Sites.

  • B2B-selling Enabled Capabilities: Request for Quote, Business Accounts functions.

  • Server Migration: Optimization for All Back-end Functions.

  • Module and Extension Installation: Building Upon Native Magento Functions in Numerous Areas

Architecture Advisory

As with any great project, one must lay out the blueprint before they begin building. The customizable nature of the Magento platform leads way to multiple decision points throughout a project. Each decision may impact modules, integrations, functionalities or performance. Having a senior team to plan the architecture for every milestone will save time, money and minimize risk.

Laying out the architecture of the journey ahead is crucial to the functionality and design of your e-commerce site. Before beginning to implement such features, we set our plan of action by doing the following:

  • Defining architecture to meet requirements

  • Defining any customizations needed

  • Detailing integration with third-party applications and modules

  • Analyzing existing infrastructure to determine the best Magento infrastructure plan

  • Defining any risks to security and performance

Let Web Solutions NYC Create Your Road Map

As a company who knows Magento inside and out, we will be the most knowledgeable source for anyone wanting all of their options laid out. When creating a plan of action, one must know how many different paths are available to them. With our knowledge of Magento, we can provide you with the background information needed to make decisions about customization, design, and special features. With all of these aspects being decided, we can work as a team to lay out the foundation of what’s to come.