Magento 2 FastTrack

Take the Express train to Magento 2 with a fast, efficient, proven process by a leading Enterprise Magento solutions partner. Two competitively priced plans offer multiple options for high visibility brands to move to Magento 2 with all of the comforts of their previous installation.

Web Solutions NYC Magento 2 FastTrack

Magento FastTrack Magento FastTrack PLUS
Custom Development Time 100 hours 200 hours
Requirements Review Meeting (Online) 10 hours 20 hours
Hosting Setup WSNYC WSNYC
Development/Operations Setup WSNYC WSNYC
Basic Theme Implementation With Colors and Basic Styling (Graphics Provided by Client) WSNYC WSNYC
Design Process WSNYC WSNYC
Email Template Setup WSNYC WSNYC
Payment Gateway Setup (Basic Credit Card Setup) WSNYC WSNYC
Basic Freight/shipping Setup WSNYC WSNYC
Tiered Products WSNYC WSNYC
QA and Testing WSNYC WSNYC
Automated Data Migration Up to 5000 SKUs, 5 Attribute Sets Up to 10,000 SKUs, 15 Attribute Sets
Google/Bing Sitemap WSNYC WSNYC
User Training 5 hours 10 hours
Post-launch Support 14 days 30 days
❗Free Hosting - Nexcess (T&C apply) Six months Six months

Web Solutions NYC Extension Suite (as needed)
Magento 2 Subscriptions WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Store Management Suite WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Legacy Orders WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Layered Navigation WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Canada Post WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Disabled Product WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Free Shipping Threshold WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 (Expanded Features From the Stock Module) WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Social Media Login WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Quick View Popup WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Coupon Link WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Address Validation WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Add to Cart Popup WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 Exit Popup WSNYC WSNYC
Magento 2 B2B Web Solutions Extension - WSNYC
Additional Third Party Extensions 3+ 5+
Advanced Payment Methods, Gift Cards, and/or Reward Points Setup - WSNYC
Elastic Search Configuration - WSNYC
Page Templates Design and Development - 12 Stock Pages e.g. About Us
Tiered Pricing - WSNYC
Customer Group Setup - WSNYC
Starting Price (does not include required Magento Enterprise license) $50,000 $80,000

Optional Add-Ons, Custom Pricing Applies
Email Marketing Integrations WSNYC WSNYC
Marketing and Promotions Setup (Blog, Custom Social Media Functionality) WSNYC WSNYC
Video Production WSNYC WSNYC
Custom Photography WSNYC WSNYC
Additional or Complex Data Transfer Requirements WSNYC WSNYC
Custom Integration with ERP, PIM, etc. WSNYC WSNYC

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