Legacy Orders Module

When customers can see a history of their orders, what quantity they purchased, and what other items they purchased, repeat buying increases. This feature is especially important for business-to-business buyers who may need to access order histories.

The Legacy Orders Module keeps a record of archived customer orders, quantities, shipping data and item number/SKU imported from any eCommerce platform or from Magento 1.x.  The migrated orders appear as a downloadable .CSV file on the back-end to your admins, and appear under the "archived orders" menu for your repeat customers.


  • Imports numerous order schema types.

  • Accessible in the admin panel tab on the customer edit page: “Archived Orders” and displays a list of all orders imported.

  • Legacy Orders grid contains all legacy orders and allows for easy edits of each order.

  • Accessible on the front-end in customer account: “Archived Orders”. Archived Orders contains a table of all imported orders by customer for future reference.

  • Customer can access the imported list of products purchased, together with product details (not available for admin user at this time).