Jomashop has been in the retail and wholesale trade of luxury goods since 1987. This vast array of goods includes watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories, crystal and gift items. As a rapidly growing, multi-million dollar brand, Jomashop was in the spotlight more than ever. With an ever increasing product catalog and an expansion into Asian markets, they needed to work with an experienced partner that could provide the site improvements necessary for growth, without disrupting their heavy daily traffic flow.

When selling globally, things such as security, multi-currency support and site stability are key. Web Solutions NYC was able to secure their site after cleaning up low quality code and implementing Magento security patches. After the bones of the site were stable, Web Solutions has continued working with Jomashop for over two years directly with their internal team. We continue to provide site optimizations, customer experience enhancements and work with them on special projects to support their rapid growth.

Features Provided as a Solution

  • Code Audit

  • Performance Optimization

  • Customer Experience Improvements

  • Security Patches

  • Module Installations

  • Continuous Improvements

  • Payments Integrations

  • Peak load/Seasonality Optimizations

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