Magento for Wholesale Fashion & Beauty

Robust and valuable tools for the unique needs of the industry.

Fashion buyers are social, they are connected and they are global. Reaching these lucrative buyers for retail stores and becoming a vendor is a competitive business in the age of fast-fashion. An amazing online wholesale experience that makes it easier for your buyers to order in bulk is crucial to commerce in today's landscape. 

Promotions, ease of use and personalization are important to reaching the millennial buyer that is more inclined to eCommerce than brick-and-mortar. Magento and Web Solutions NYC have an impressive catalog of popular fashion brands.

Why Magento for

Wholesale Fashion?

In fashion, first impressions are everything. However, an on-trend site will only take a B2B buyer so far, functionality and B2B ease of buying are crucial to retaining business-to-business customers. The fashion and beauty retail industry demands promotions, wish lists and personalization. Influencers want things instant, and Magento can get you there. Every retail operation is different, whether selling online, in-store or through multiple channels. Magento has capabilities to achieve these hefty goals such as:

  • Allow business teams to manage the back-end and make customizations without burdening IT teams.

  • Add new selling channels, lines, brands, products, and geographic areas faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics to track Key Performance Indicators and make intelligent business decisions for the future.

  • Configurable products with lists of options for each variation such as color, sizing variations or customizations.

  • Sub accounts with customizable permissions like order caps and Request for Quote functions directly onsite via the Web Solutions NYC B2B Optimization Module - included with any Magento 2 migration project.

  • Set wholesale and group pricing for specific customer groups native in Magento.