Globalization and International Expansion

The fierce competition for online markets already sees mid-market and growing enterprises breaking into lucrative markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond. It may be the time to take note and follow the lead of the many competitors who’ve decided to take advantage of expanding internationally. With Magento, expanding globally does not have to be an operational headache, advanced capabilities for international selling are already built into the platform.

When expanding your eCommerce brand internationally, culture, language and customs play a huge role in the site experience for the customer. Magento supports a common codebase and multi-language merchants. Put your best foot forward for your international customers to become repeat buyers with a high lifetime value. Operationally, Magento  international expansion capabilities include multi-currency support and foreign tax support. Multi-site architecture native in Magento 2 uses a common codebase and database for all international site versions.

Web Solutions NYC has  helped numerous multi-million dollar merchants break into the international market. Whether you are chasing a new market shift, or want to break into an established market, we have the expertise to make your Magento platform work for your business goals and vision.

Asian Expansion

China is the fastest-growing eCommerce market, with millennial buyers driving the sale of clothing and entertainment. "No-border" online shoppers are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020.

Asian expansion has many considerations like multi-language capabilities, shipping and multi-currency capabilities. However, Magento has robust features built in to make Asian expansion a reality for American eCommerce sites. With no-border capabilities becoming a necessity for growing brands, we can help.


Canadian Expansion

Canadian consumers show fast-growing trends towards cross-border eCommerce spending. 45% of online shopping goes to non-Canadian websites, with the US as primary destination, according to eMarketer. Canadian expansion is a great first international program to implement because there are no language barriers and the Canadian buyer is similar to the American buyer.