Free Shipping Threshold Module

The Free Shipping Threshold Module displays the dollar amount remaining for a shopper to receive free shipping on an order in a bar across the top of the website. A notice is displayed on Shopping Cart and Checkout pages encouraging customers to put additional items in their carts and meet the threshold to qualify for free shipping. The bar text and color scheme can be easily configured to match your site theme, providing a seamless experience for the customer notification.


Free shipping is one of the most enticing promotions you can give a customer. With the prevalence of Amazon Prime and other 100% free shipping services, customers have come to expect this from smaller sites they purchase from. Free shipping threshold lets you configure the perfect amount to start "Free Shipping" at, protecting your shipping revenue and increasing the Average Order Volume of shoppers on your site.


  • When “free shipping” is set, a module displays information about the additional dollar amount a customer needs to put in the cart to qualify for free shipping.

  • Dollar amount can be displayed on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages, this option is configurable in the admin panel.

  • Currency can be modified.

  • The shipping messaging and content is configurable in the admin panel.

  • Information is not displayed if customer already qualifies for free shipping.

  • Admin user access control section.