Exit Popup Modal Module

The Exit Popup extension helps reduce the bounce rate for customers exiting the site. When a customer attempts to leave the site, a modal window appears. The content of the modal window is highly customizable - with optional text, image and newsletter subscription field.

Keeping a customer onsite with a  with an enticing percent-off promotion, or a valuable piece of content like a template, marketing piece or other item can help you brand gather their basic information like email to re-market.


  • The Exit Dynamic Modal displays automatically when customer tries to leave the page.

  • Content is fully customizable - add any image and text such as:

    • Coupon code

    • Discounts

    • Newsletter Sign-ups

    • Sweepstakes

  • Admin can decide if:

    • The modal should be displayed one-time. If no, it's possible to set pop-up time intervals.

    • Optional custom display modal header.

  • Admin user access control section for the module.