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Avoiding Abandoned Carts on Your B2B Site

Studies show that an average of 70-96% of visitors who leave your site will not return. This alarming statistic leaves us with the question of why people are leaving in the first place. There are many reasons why users decide to click off of your B2B ecommerce site no matter how great the product you sell may be. It’s important to pay attention to the current ecommerce trend in the B2B market to determine how you can use this knowledge to better your own site. When it comes to user experience and design, the wants of a B2B buyers aren’t much different from the wants of a B2C buyer. Online shoppers have chosen to shop online rather than in a physical store because it is quicker and more convenient. This need for convenience is continued throughout a shopper’s online journey. Buyers want a clean and navigable design so that they can easily find your product and make a purchase without having to click around for too long.

As a solution, it’s a good idea to have a single navigation menu that is clearly defined. It’s also a good idea to avoid overly animating your site or cluttering it with images that don’t add value. By all means, you should have enough visual content for your B2B client to have a clear idea of what the product is like. However, trying to add things just for visual effect must be done carefully and with a clean design in mind.

Another main reason for your B2B consumers clicking out of your site may be slow page load time. It can be very frustrating for someone to sit and wait for a page to load, especially when online shopping. As previously stated, convenience is key when trying to appeal to the online consumer, and a website that won’t load is anything but convenient. Something to look at to speed things up is the presence of animation or music when one accesses your site. This may have been a popular trend years ago, but like everything else, things change with time, and this is no longer something people are happy to see when browsing the web. The removal of such features will speed things up and give your site a cleaner more inviting display. 

There are many things that could turn a B2B away from your site before converting a sale, and a big one is lack of robust B2B functionality. B2B buyers require special processes to make purchases for their business- especially in instances where they are making a large wholesale order. It’s important to ensure that your website is built on an ecommerce site that understands B2B and is fully equipped with the features needed to satisfy a B2B consumer. The Magento platform come fully loaded with B2B functionality, and has even more B2B modules which can be easily integrated with the platform as additional features. An example of a great tool to keep traffic within your site would be the Exit Popup Modal Module, which can be found in the Magento Marketplace. 

In order to keep a potential customer from clicking out of your website, the Exit Popup Modal will display a message that will motivate them to continue shopping. This message is configured by you to read exactly what you’d like it to. For example, some choose to provide customers with a coupon code or a discount. This could be beneficial for situations where a person is leaving the site because they don’t want to overspend or make unnecessary purchases. If they are then given the option to save some money, they may decide to stay and continue shopping. 

There is also the option to use the modal window as an opportunity to capture the consumer’s contact information. Sparking the consumer’s interest with a newsletter sign up or a sweepstakes could be a great motivational tool to capture information. This contact info can later be used by your company to reach back out with promotional materials. 

As an ecommerce merchant, the last thing you want to see is an abandoned cart. It’s important to get inside the heads of your consumers and find out what the problems are. All that’s left to do from there is to tackle those problems and create the optimal user experience for your B2B consumers. There are many reasons why a client may choose not to complete a transaction. Another one of the most common is shipping related pains. Studies show that about 60 percent of shoppers have abandoned their carts due to shipping related issues. Contrastingly, close to 40 percent of retailers stated that they saw a customer experience uplift when they introduced better shipping options. This kind of information is essential when looking for feedback from your consumers about what is most important to them.

In addition to clients being turned off by a site that isn’t easy to navigate due to clutter, it’s also important to make the buttons needed to proceed with an order or find a product clear and visible.  It’s important to give your consumer a good understanding of how to find the products that they need as well as to take the steps necessary to complete a purchase. In today’s world of advanced technology, the main purpose of making a purchase online is to be able to make that purchase without having the added stress of going shopping. If these stressful aspects of the experience are added to the equation, the consumer will likely look elsewhere. 

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