Disabled Product Module

With the Disabled Products Module installed, customers will be able to see a grid of products that are in-stock and available for purchase on site when they attempt to access a product that is no longer on the site. A good use case for this is if a customer attempts to access a link to a product through an old marketing email or on their browser bookmarks, if the product is no longer available - they will be shown a grid of related products rather than a 404 page. Leading customers into an additional sales funnel, rather than sending them to a dead page, will increase the chance that they convert. The module will blend in seamlessly with your site pages, so customers will not even know it is there. There is no back-end access for customers for the module. Products shown are chosen by then admin in the "Replacement Products" grid and are completely customizable.


  • Customize replacement products for any disabled item.

  • Customize messaging and page title.

  • Add a 404 page in place of products if wanted.

  • Add up-sells and add-on products to the page.