Coupon Link Module

The coupon link module allows you to create URL links that will automatically add a coupon code for your customer to the shopping cart. This module is beneficial for marketing campaigns, targeted promotional emails, blog posts, social media and affiliate marketing.

The module allows for optional specific requirement rules to be set for coupon activation. The rules of the module will be configured by the client in the back-end of the Magento menu and will not be visible to the customer. The customer will receive the URL via promotional means and the discount will activate with a customizable message once chosen conditions are met.

Other revenue-driving use cases of this module are for contests and giveaways. Because the URLs can be auto-generated, an unlimited amount of unique URLs can be distributed to your customers. The coupon link module could also be used for "share with a friend" deals, where the URL is configured to be multi-use and the promotional email could encourage forwarding - bringing in new customers to your store.


  • Create URLs with a coupon/promotional code to automatically apply the promotion to the customer’s shopping cart.

  • Support for conditional cart rules.

  • Supports one-time use codes.

  • Supports "Share with a friend" codes.

  • Supports price threshold to receive discount.

  • Promotional Use Cases

  • Affiliate marketing on blogs and social media

  • Timed promotions

  • Share with a friend promotions

  • One-time use only

  • Buy one, get one free/half-off

  • Free shipping with or without a threshold