Store Management Suite Modules

The ability for online shoppers to place an order on a website and then pick up at the company’s brick and mortar store is becoming increasingly popular. Also referred to as BOPIS, the option to “buy online pickup in store” is preferred by 21% of online shoppers who say they consider it a must have. The appeal of being able to make a purchase online but not have to wait around for it to arrive speaks to the online shopper’s need for convenience and promptness. In addition, the fact that this shopper will not have to pay for shipping and handling charges is another thing taken into account. This feature is becoming available to consumers through more and more retailers as merchants are diving into the idea of the omnichannel experience. 

Is BOPIS Right for You?

This is beneficial for both the consumer and retailer when done the right way. In addition to providing a convenient experience to your customers, the advantages of providing this service often increase sales for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that many online shoppers leave abandoned carts after viewing the shipping charges. Once it is made clear that they have the option to pick these items up on their own, they are much more likely to complete the transaction. Another benefit to the merchant is that a customer coming into the store to pick up their purchase may decide to stay a while and browse through products on the shelves. This may cause them to make another purchase. 

Providing this service to customers puts you above your competition. Online businesses such as Amazon do not provide such an option, and this may cause an online shopper to give their business to a business who does. It’s important to display the option to buy online pickup in store in a clear fashion both in your store and on your sight. In both places, the process should be easy to navigate. 

About the Module Suite

When it comes to your online store, you can use modules to implement the features needed to provide this service. Coming to you from Web Solutions NYC, are the Store Management Suite Modules. This group of modules were designed with Magento in mind, and will integrate seamlessly with the platform. They were made to make the BOPIS experience convenient and efficient for both the merchant and the consumer. The Store Management Suite combines In-store Pickup and Store Locator functions to allow your customers to pick up an in-stock item in a physical store, and find the nearest store to them on the locator.

The In-Store Pickup Module works by first installing the Local Store Module at the physical locations of your stores from the Google Map API. This is provided with this package at no cost. When a customer logs onto your site to place an order, they will select the desired location and the order can be received as an alert in the retail store’s POS system. A store associate will then be able to pick and pack that order from the store or receive an alert that the item is being shipped to the store for the customer to pick up. From the customer’s point of view, the button will be customized to match your website template. The will able be able to view a list of local stores which is also customizable through the back end. A customizable email will be sent to the customer after placing their order to confirm that their order has been received. 

The second part of this suite is the Store Locator Module. This is what allows customers to locate physical locations of an online store. The search for a store can be performed by entering a zip code, nearby city, or radius. The search will allow the customer to view the location’s street view as well as show directions to the location. On the back end, the store locations are pulled automatically using Google Maps API. If a store is not available on Google Maps, it can be added manually.

Getting in Touch

Web Solutions NYC is made up of a team of expert developers who specialize only in Magento. They developed this custom module for the ecommerce platform, so that users would not have to deal with the many problems that arise from using third party extensions. Click HERE to contact them today and get started with the Store Management Suite on your site!

Melissa Mannino