The Social Media Login Module

All About Convenience

In today’s world of lightening speed technology and automation, the focus of many people is on convenience. When someone is using the internet for just about any reason, they are looking to get through their task as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is especially true to be said of the online shopper. One of the main reasons people choose to shop online rather than in a brick and mortar store is because of the convenience. Because of an online store, they are able to make their desired purchase without ever changing out of their pajamas in the morning.

As an online shopper myself, I can say that nothing interferes with this lightening speed experience of making a purchase online like the requirement to create an account and log in before putting my order through. Sometimes, I even find myself abandoning my shopping cart. I may plan to return to complete my order later, when I have more time to create an account, but I often get side tracked and never return to make my purchase. 

So how can online merchants avoid these instances of abandoned carts due to the inconvenience of shoppers being required to make an account before purchase? The answer lies within the Magento 2 Social Media Login Module.

The Social Media Login Module and How it Came to be

The Social Media Login Module is brought to you by Web Solutions NYC. This elite team of developers is made up of only Magento certified devs who know the platform inside and out. Seeing a need for online merchants to help speed up the check out processes on their websites, Web Solutions NYC provides this module to Magento 2 users as a convenient solution. 

The decision to choose a module created specifically by developers of Magento for Magento is a much more efficient route than using a third party’s extension that was not made exclusively for Magento. It is much more likely for bugs and problems to arise when implementing the module if it was created by an outside party. This is why Web Solutions began creating their own modules in the first place- to easily and efficiently implement modules for online merchants who utilize the platform.

How it Works

With the Social Media Login Module, shoppers can log in to a business’s site and complete their purchase via their Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus accounts. With 73 percent of North America being active Facebook users, 540 million people being users of Google Plus, and 321 million people being active on Twitter, one can bet that the potential customer on their website has one of these accounts to utilize. With the click of a button, the shopper will have access to their shopping cart. The option to log in to a site so easily rather than sign up for an account which requires multiple fields of information to be filled out is something that many online shoppers find very appealing. This will bring more traffic to a site and will reduce the number of abandoned carts. 

The module will appear as a customizable button which matches a company’s branding and style. Users of the module can also decide which types of social media accounts they’d like to include as options for their shoppers to log in with. A customer will click the button, login to their social media account, and be granted full access. Most people remain logged into their social media accounts at all times, so this will speed up the process even further. 

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As a partner of the e-commerce platform, Magento, Web Solutions NYC has been developing extensions to help users utilize this platform to its full potential. The team of developers that make up Web Solutions NYC is a group of 100% Magento certified experts who can help you meet your business’s specific goals. 

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Melissa Mannino