The Magento Free Shipping Threshold Module

Why free shipping?

Free shipping is attractive to any customer for many reasons. Depending on what exactly the customer is shopping for, there are times where free shipping almost takes away that guilt someone feels when indulging in an unnecessary or luxurious purchase. A girl buying three pairs of high heel shoes, for example, may justify her purchase by noticing she doesn’t have to pay for shipping.

Another aspect is the issue of competition. If a customer is looking at two very similar products, one on your company’s online store, and one on a competitors, they are going to have to look at things such as cost to choose which purchase is more appealing. If your item costs just about the same as the item on the competitor's site, it’s all going to come down to the shipping charge. The option for free shipping can make or break a sale.

Making up for Free Shipping Costs

The key is to be able to offer free shipping to your customers without having to lose money for it. No matter what deals you’re offering to your consumers, shipping does still need to be paid for by your company. So how can you make up for those costs? 

You can offer free shipping by wrapping the total cost of shipping charges into the prices of your products. A few extra dollars here and there have less of an effect on the customer than the feeling that they’re spending all this extra money at checkout to simply have their product arrive at their door. 

Say Goodbye to Abandoned Carts

Studies show that carts are often abandoned at check out after customers see what their shipping charge will be. To the customer, excessive shipping charges feel like money wasted. They are getting no extra product for that extra money, and most people don’t have a full understanding as to where that shipping charge is even being put towards. 

The Free Shipping Threshold Module and the Logic Behind it

So how can you as a company utilize this demand for affordable shipping to increase sales and perpetuate business? - The Free Shipping Threshold Module.

The whole idea of a threshold that needs to be surpassed in order to attain free shipping is a great way to have customers buying more products. It call comes down to what the customer is getting for what they’re paying. For example, if I’m buying a sweater for 30 dollars and shipping is going to cost me 15 unless I spend a total of 50 dollars on products at the online store, I’m a lot more likely to spend that extra money and wind up with two products rather than spend only slightly less on my grand total and wind up with only one item. 

How to Implement Free Shipping in an Easy Cost Effective Way

The Free Shipping Threshold Module was developed by Web Solutions NYC. Created to be used with the Magento e-commerce platform, this module was built to make the option for free shipping available to your business’ consumers in a way that is beneficial for your business.

The module has features which will ensure that customers are aware of the option to attain free shipping if they spend a certain amount of money on your site as it will display the dollar amount remaining for a shopper to receive free shipping on an order bar across the top of the page. You can also choose to have the dollar amount appear in the shopping cart page. These customizations can be configured in the admin panel.

You will also have the ability to modify the type of currency and edit the message that appears to the customer. The message will not appear to customers who already qualify for free shipping for another reason.

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The Free Shipping Threshold Module was developed by Web Solutions NYC for online merchants utilizing the Magento Platform. The module was built for Magento, unlike third party modules which cause bugs within your site.

As a partner of Magento, Web Solutions NYC is a team of 100% Magento certified experts who can help you meet your business’s specific goals. 

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