The Layered Navigation Module

The Layered Navigation Module

Make searching for a product easier than ever for your customers with Web Solutions NYC’s Layered Navigation Module. Built with Magento in mind, this module seamlessly integrates with your Magento 2 Ecommerce site to provide your customers with a quick and easy way to find the products they’re looking for. Building upon the native Magento search feature, this module adds additional parameters for customers to perform specific search functions. Customers will be able to filter down to what they need using tags such as material, size, type, or any other customizable tag decided by the Magento admin. 

Convenient Navigation

Convenience is key when appealing to the online shopper, and nothing is more inconvenient than not being able to find what you’re looking for on an ecommerce site. A clear user friendly website navigation is important to have in general. It promotes website traffic and prevents potential customers from becoming frustrated and clicking out of your site. One of the most important aspects of this, however, is the search tool. If a customer is shopping with a specific product or type of product in mind, they will benefit greatly from this easy way to narrow and speed up their search.

For example, if I know that I need to buy a pair of black high heeled shoes to go with a specific dress for an occasion, I’m going to want to narrow my search to see any and all black high heels being sold on an ecommerce site so that I can browse through them and select my favorite. Furthermore, if I know I will only be looking to purchase shoes that are available in size 8 and am only looking to spend $75 or less, I shouldn’t have to waste my time looking through shoes that do not fit my criteria. The same idea goes to someone looking for a specific part for a car of a specific make, model, and year. They are not going to want to look through multiple pages of Toyota wheels when they need one for a Chevrolet. 

Customizable Features and Improved SEO

That’s where the Layered Navigation Module comes in. Controlled completely by the admin panel, attribute filters and swatch filters can be configured and customized the way you’d like them. Price attributes and decimal attributes can also be controlled and displayed on the front end as a slider. These filter panels will automatically be expanded upon a page load if they contain an active selection. In addition to these features, all URls rendered by the module will contain all parameters and parameter values. This is done to optimize SEO for your website and your products. Therefore, if someone types “blue cotton t-shirt” into Google, the likelihood of them reaching your product through this search engine is much greater. 

Get in Touch with Web Solutions NYC

To utilize this module on your ecommerce site, get in touch with Web Solutions NYC today. Web Solutions NYC is a team of expert developers who specialize only in Magento. They created their own Magento modules so that users of this platform could use Magento to its fullest potential without having to worry about the many issues that come along with third party extensions. Click HERE to get in touch and discuss how this module could take your business to the next level.

Melissa Mannino